Languages of India, Language in India

Languages of India, Language in India

List of Languages in India

India is believed to have 1652 mother tongues of which 33 are spoken by more than one lakhs people. The officially recognized languages are 22. In fact, English is widely spoken and perhaps is the link between North and South India.

Scheduled Languages:

8th Schedule was added to the Indian Constitution to indicate all regional languages statutorily recognized. The schedule originally contained 14 languages as follows:
Sindhi was added in 1962.
Konkani, Manipuri and Nepali were added in 1992 (71st amendment)
Bodo, Dogri, Maithili and Santhali were added in 2003 (92nd amendment).

            The 1635 rationalized mother tongues were further classified following the usual linguistic methods for rational grouping based on available linguistic information. Hence, an inventory of classified mother tongues returned by 10,000 or more speakers grouped under appropriate languages at the all India level, wherever possible, it has been prepared for final presentation of the 2001 mother-tongue data. The total sum of languages arrived at is 122.

The 122 languages are presented in 2  parts:

Part A: Languages including in the 8th schedule to the constitution of India comprising of 22 languages and

Part B: Languages not included in the 8th schedule comprising of 100 languages plus the category “Total of other languages” which includes all other languages and mother tongues falling under Part B and which returned less than 10,000 speakers each at the all India level or were not identifiable on the basis of the linguistic information available.
The Non-scheduled languages are 100 in Part B in 2001 against 96 in 1991.
96.56% of total population of India have one of the scheduled language as their mother tongue, the remaining 3.44% accounted for by other languages. 

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