National Symbols of India,Emblem,Bird,Animal,Flower of India

National Symbols of India,Emblem,Bird,Animal,Flower of India

The National Symbols of India

  • National Emblem - Four lions, the fourth being hidden from the view and at bottom the words Satyameva Jayate.
  • National Anthem - Jana gana mana-song which wrote by Ravindaranath Tagore.
  • National Song - Vande Mataram song composed by Bankimchandra Chatterjee.
  • National Calendar - Saka Calender
  • National Flower - Lotus
  • National Animal - The Royal Bengal Tiger
  • National River - The Ganga
  • National Tree - Banyan Tree
  • National Fruit - Mango
  • National Bird - Peacock
  • National Sports Hockey
  • National Standard Time - 5.30 hours ahead of GMT/UTC
  • National Monument - India Gate
  • National Aquatic Animal - River Dolphin
  • National Currency - Indian Rupee
  • National Heritage Animal - Elephant

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