Chandigarh-Union Territory of Chandigarh-Map-Tourism-Transport-Culture etc,

Union Territory of Chandigarh

Capital: Chandigarh 

Area: 114 sq km 

Date of Formation: UT. Since 1966 

Neighboring States: Punjab, Haryana 

Population: 1,054, 686, Males: 580.282, Females: 474,404 Sex-ratio: 818, Density: 9,252, Decadal growth: 17,10%, Literacy: 809,653, (total 86.43%, male 90.54%, female 81.38%). 

No. of Districts  1, Villages: 23, Towns:

Legislative Bodies: Parliament: Lok Sabha Seats: 1, Rajya Sabha Seats: None. 

Seat of High Court: Punjab & Haryana (at Chandigarh) 

Chief Languages: Hindi, Punjabi and English. 

Major or Religions: Sikhism, Hinduism. 

Main Towns: Chandigarh 

(a) Industries: Hosiery, antibiotics, cycles electrical meters, home appliances, electronic equipment. There are 15 big and medium scale manufacturing units in Chandigarh, out of which 2 are public sector undertakings. More than 3,000 units are registered under small scale sector and they offer employment to about 30,000 persons. The neighboring States have developed industrial estates right next to the city 
(b) Agricultural Products: The Territory has 1,400 hectares of cultivable land. The irrigated area is about 1,450 ha. Wheat, maize and paddy are the main crops. The forest covers 27% of the area. 

Transport & Communications: 
(a) Road Length: NH-15.275 km 
(b) Main Railway Stations: Chandigarh 
(c) Airports: Chandigarh. 

Tourist Destinations: Zakir Rose Garden, Rock Garden, Shanti Kunj, Lake, Museum, Aet Geallery, Capital complex and National Gallery of Portraits. 

Culture: Festivals: Lodhi, Baisakhi.
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