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Union Territory of Dadra & Nagar Haveli

Dadra and Nagar Haveli Emblem-logo-seal 
Capital: Silvas

Area: 491 sq km

Date of Formation: 11 Aug 1961

Neighboring States: Gujarat, Maharastra.

Population: 342, 853, Males: 193,178 Females: 149,675, Sex-ratio: 775, Density: 698, Decadal growth: 55.50%, Literacy: 228.028 (total 77.65%, male 86.46%, female 65.93%).

No. of Districts: 1, Villages: 70, Towns: 2

Legislative Bodie: State Legislature: None, Parliament: Lok Sabhaseats: 1 (0+0+1), Rajya Sabha Seats: None

Seat of High Court: Mumbai

Chief Languages: Bhili, Gujarati, Bhilodi, Marathi and Hindi

Main Towns: Silvassa.

Geography: Rivers: Silvasa, Khanvel

(a) Industries: Textiles, engineering, chemicals, electronics, cottage
(b) Agricultural Products: Ragi, wheat, sugarcanr, paddy, pulses, mango, chiku, lichi.

Transport & Communications: 
(a) Road Length: 635 km
(b) Main Railway Stations: Vapi is 18 km from Silvassa
(c) Airports: Nearest one is Mumbai.

Tourist Destinations: Bindrabin, Deer Park, Khanvel, Vanganga Lake and lsland garden, Dadra, Vanvihar Udyan, Tribal Cultural museum.

Culture: Festivals: Diwaso, Bhawada, Kali Puja.
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Dadra and Nagar Haveli locator map

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