Daman and Diu - Map-Places-Transport-Tourism-Capital-Population etc,

Union Territory of Daman and Diu

Capital: Daman

Area: 112 sq km

Date of Formation: 30 May 1987

Neighboring States: Gujarat.

Population: 242,911, Males: 150,100, Females: 92,811, Sex-ratio: 618, Density: 2,169, Decadal growth: 53.54%, Literacy: 188.974 (total 87.07%, male 91.48%, female 79.59%).

No of District: 2, Villages: 23: Towns: 2

Legislative Bodie: State Legislature: None, Parliament: Lok Sabha Seats: 1, Rajya Sabha Seats: None

Seat of High Court: Mumbai

Chief Languages: Gujarati, Hindi.

Major Religion: Hinduism, Christianity.

Main Towns: Daman, Diu

Geography: Rivers: Kalem, Bhagwan (Daman)

(a) Minerals: Salt
(b) Industries: Fishing, tourism, and distillery.

Transport & Communication: 
(a) Road Length: 191-Daman, 78-Diu
(b) Nearest Railway Stations Vapi for Daman and Delvada for Diu
(c) Airports: Daman, Diu.
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