State of Tripura - Info-Map-Capital-Population-Tourism-culture etc,

State of Tripura

Capital: Agartala

Area: 10,491,69 sq km

Date of Formation: 21 January, 1972.

Neighboring States: Asom, Mizoram, Country: Bangladesh.

Population: 3,671,032, Males: 1,871,867, Females: 1,799,165, Sex-ratio: 961, Density: 350, Decadal growth: 14,75%, Literacy: 2,831,742 (total 87.75%, male 92.18%, female 83.15%).

No of District: 4, Villages: 858, Towns: 23

Legislative Bodie: State Legislature-Unicameral: Assembly Seats: 60, Parliament: Lok Sabha Seats: 2 (1+0+1), Rajya Sabha Seats:1

Main Political Parties: CPI-M, INC, Indigenous Nationalist Party of Tripura, RSP, CPI.

Seat of High Court: Guwahati High Court- Agartala bench.

Chief Languages: Bengali, kokborak and Manipuri.

Main Towns: Agartala, Belonia, Kumarghat, Kailashahar, Udaipur, Khowai and Kamalpur.

Geography: (a) Rivers: Gomti:

(a) Minerals: Natural Gas
(b) Industries: Registered factories-1,282. Hand loom weaving is the single largest Industry. There are several jute factories that make gunny bags and other products for the market. It is essentially a tribal house-hold industry. The sericulture industry is developing fast. Energy generated-337.68 m.u. Tripura is plentiful in natural gas and a sum of natural gas-based industries have sprung up. There are 809 small scale industrial units in Tripura
(c) Agricultural Products: Rice, sugarcane, jute, mesta, potatoes, tea and rubber.

Transport & Communications:
(a) Road Length: 1997km
(b) Railway Length: 64km
(c) Main Railway Stations: Manughat, Dharmanagar
(d) Airports: Agartala.

(a) Dances: Cherolaw-Bamboo dance
(b) Festivals: Makar Sankranti at Tirtha-mukh and Unakoti, Bengali New year, Garia Puja, Hozagiri, Mansa Mangal, ker and Karachi Puja, Ganga Puja, Christmas, Buddha Purnima, Ashokasthami at Unakoti, Sarad festival, Rash Leela, Jhulan Jatra, Rath Jatra (c) Crafts: Bamboo handi crafts esp. sitalpatti (mats), lasing-phee (quilt like weaving), terracotta and cane.
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