Lakshadweep Islands-Map-Tourism-Airport-Capital-Transport etc,

Union Territory of Lakshadweep Islands

Capital: Kavaratti

Area: 321 sq km

Date of Formation: 1 Nov 1956 Laccadive Minicoy and Amindivi islands union territory (separated from Madras/Tamil Nadu) 1 Nov 1973 Renamed Lakshadweep.

Neighboring States: Kerala, Karnataka Sea: Arabian Sea.

Population: 64,429, Males: 33,106, Females: 31,323, Sex-ratio: 946, Density: 2,013, Decadal growth: 6.23%, Literacy: 52.914 (total 92.28%, male 96.11%, female 88.25%).

No of Districts: 1, the entire group of islands is considered one district and divided into four tahsils.
Villages: 28: Towns: 3

Legislative Bodie: State Legislature: None, Parliament: Lok Sabha Seats: 1, Rajya Sabha Seats: None.

Seat of High Court: Kerala (located in Kochi)

Chief Languages: Jeseri (Dweep Bhash (a), Mahal and Malayalam.

Major Religions: Islam.

Major islands: Kavarati, Agati, Minicoy, Androth, Kalpeni, Amini, Kadamatt, Kiltan.

Geography: There are 36 islands covering an area of sq. km only 10 are inhabited. Androth, 4.8 is the biggest inhabited island and closest to the Kerala coastal. Lakshadweep with its lagoon area of around 4,200 sq .km, 20,000 sq km of territorial Waters and about seven lakh of economic zone, is one of the largest territories of our nation.

(a) Minerals: silica, corals
(b) Industries: Fishing boat construction- fishing and tourism, coir
(c) Agricultural Products: Coconut, Copra, Bananas,

Transport & Communications: These islands and Kochi are linked by ship, which takes around 18 to 20 hrs, and by air
(a) Airports: Agatti
(b) Port: Kavaratti, Minicoy, Agatti, Kadamatt, Kalpeni.
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