Modern Indian History-Timeline 1948 to 1992

Modern Indian History-Timeline 1948 to 1992

Indian History - Modern Indian History - Timeline 1948 to 1992

1948 - Jan. The Films Division constituted 30. Gandhiji is assassinated in Birla House prayer meeting in New Delhi through revolver shots by Nathuram Vinayak Godse: Mar 8. Air India international is established for overseas services: Jun 8. Air India’s first international flight, Malabar Prince takes of from Bombay to London: 21 C.Rajagopalachari becomes the first and only Governor General of India: 22 Britain’s king relinquishes his title ‘Emperor of India’ Aug 13. UN Truce Line in Kashmir agreed: Sept 17. Rebellion crushed in kingdom of Hyderabad: Nov 23. The National Cadet Corps is first organized for the student community: wins London Olympic hockey gold India Atomic Commission created.

1949 - Jan 1. India and Pakistan agree truce in war over Kashmir: Feb 1 Press Trust of India started functioning Agr.27 Republic of India created: Nov 26 Constitution of India adopted by the Constituent Assembly.

1950 - Jan.26. India becomes a Sovereign Democratic Republic as Constitution of India comes into force with universal adult franchise: Dr. Rajendra Prasad becomes the first President of India: Feb 28. National Planning Commission formed: Mar 1. Population figures announced: Apr.8. Nehru and Ali khan sign the Indo-Pakistan Pact which relieved mounting pressure: Oct 7. Missionaries of Charity founded by Mother Teresa in Calcutta: Dec.15 Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel dies.

1951 - Feb.28 Kashmir issue taken-up in UN Security Council: Mar 4-11. First Asian Games in New Delhi: Jul.9 First 5-year Plan-(1951-56) announced. Most of its funds spent on rebuilding war-shattered railroads, irrigation schemes and canals Oct.21 Dr.Shyam Prasad Mukherjee forms Jan Sangh.

1952 - Jan 24. India’s first international Film festival opens in Bombay: The first National General Election in India (Oct. 1951-Feb 52) Dr.Rjendra Prasad elected Rashtrapati (Head of Stare): India wins Helsinki Olympic hockey gold. Panchayati Raj-pilot scheme commenced. The Central Board of Film Certification set up to certify films for public exhibition in India.

1953 - Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary climb Mt. Everest: Excavation under the supervision of A.Ghosh and B. Lal uncovers Kalibangan (meaning black bangle) one of the Harappan settlements. On the bank of Ghaggar river in Hanumangarh district in Rajasthan.UGC established.

1954 - Jul.8. World’s longest canal Bhakra-Nangal opened in Punjab This multipurpose river valley project is the largest irrigation system of its kind in Asia: 21 Agreement to bring peace to indo-China. Sahitya Akademy, the India academy of letters established.

1955 - Panch Sheel agreement (outlining Nehru’s foreign policy of mutual respect for territorial integrity, benefit and co-existence) between China and India: Jun 1. India’s Un-touchability (Offence) Act comes into force: Jun.1. The office of the Registrar of Newspapers for India (RNI) came into existence: Avadi session of the India National Congress adopts a socialistic pattern of society for India: Hindu Marriage Act passed.

1956 - Life Insurance nationalized: States Reorganization Act. India wins Melbourne Olympic hockey gold: Hindu Succession Act passed Jul.1. The office of the Registrar of Newspapers for India came into existence. Aug.4. Asia’s first atomic reactor Apsara, goes critical in Trombay: Nov.1. India states are organized on linguistic basis; All India Institute of Medical Sciences set up in Delhi. BR Amhedkar embraces Buddhism along with 2 lakh followers in Nappur.

1957 - BARC opens in Trombay Second National General Election AIR renamed as Akashvani.

1958 - Metric system of weights and measures introduced Nationwide Panchayati Raj launched Sept. 27 Mihir Sen, first Indian to cross English Channel. Supreme Court of India built.

1959 - Swatantra Party formed; Sept.15th For the first time, a 30 minute television program started transmitting educational and developmental programs. Dec.19 United News of India (UNI) incorporated under Companies Act.1956. Dalai Lama get political asylum in India.

1960 - Bombay bifurcated into Maharashtra and Gujarat states The India water Treaty Union of Kashmir with India At Christian Medical College, Vellore, De.N Gopinath and Dr. RH Betts perform the first successful open heart surgery on a 12-year old child.

1961 - Mar.4 India’s first aircraft carrier, INS Vikrant, commissioned:21 United News of India started functioning Dec.18. India occupies the Portuguese enclave of Goa, Daman and Diu. Portuguese-India ceded by constitutional amendment into the Indian Union in 1962.

1962 - Third general election in India: Sept 19. Sino-India War-China attacks India on the northern border and advances virtually Unopposed toward the plains of Assam: Oct.10 Fighting between people’s Liberation Army of Chinese advance into India.20 Ceasefire declared. 

1963 - Feb.28 Rajendra Prasad dies.

1964 - Feb National Film Archive of India established: May 27. Jawaharlal Nehru,PM and architect of modern India, dies: Lal Bahadur Shastri becomes India’s second PM: Communist Party of India splits: India wins Tokyo Olympic hockey gold India’s first indigenous computer, ISIJU developed by India Statistical Institute and Jadavpur University Calcutta.

1965 - Commencement of regular television service as part of AIR Began in Delhi. Apr.9. Indo- Pakistan war in the Rann of Kutchh: 20. First Indian team led MS Kohli ascends the Everest: Aug.15. Indian force crosses the ceasefire line and launched attack on Pak. Administered Kashmir: Sept .6. India crosses international Border on the western front marking official beginning of the war:22. US Security Council unanimously passed a resolution calling unconditional cease-fire from both nations: Sept.1. Pakistan attacks India in Akhnoor sector of Kashmir.

1966 - Tashkent Agreement reached: Jan.11 Lal Bahadur Shastri dies at Taskent, USSR, during the South Asia Peace Conference after inking the Agreement (meant to restore normalcy and peace between India and Pakistan): 19. India Gandhi elected leader of the Congress Party to succeed the late PM.LB.Shastri:Oct.30. Mihir Sen crosses Panama Canal: Nov.1. Dr. Homi Bhabha dies in a plane accident: The states of Haryana and Punjab come into existence.

1967 - Fourth general election. Dr.Zakir Husain elected President.

1968 - May.29. Dara Singh becomes world wrestling champion: Oct.16 Dr. Hargoving Khurana shares the Nobel prize for Medicine and Physiology.

1969 - May 3.Zakir Hussein dies: Jul.19.14 leading banks nationalized with a view to diversify and enlarge the scope of banking operations: Aug.20.V.V.Giri elected as President. Congress splits-India Gandhi forms her own Congress.

1970 - Apr. 2. Former Indian ruler’s privy purses abolished: Nov.21.Dr.C.V.Raman dies.

1971 - Feb.8. India Gandhi becomes PM: Mar.27. PM. India Gandhi expresses full support to the Bangladeshi struggle for freedom: Dec.3.Pakistan attacks Indian airfields in the west: Indian army joins hands with Mukhti Bahini of Bangladesh to form Mitro Bahini (Allied Forces) and overturns East Pakistan by taking .93.000 Pows in a quick campaign: Dec.16. War ends when Pakistani army in Bangladesh surrenders to the Indian Commander, Lt. Gen. Aurora:18.PM India Gandhi receives Barat Ratna, the highest civilian award.

1972 - Apr. 21 Pakistan leaves Commonwealth: Jul.2. Shimla Agreement (on Kashmir) signed between India and Pakistan by India Gandhi and ZA Bhuto: Dec.25. Demise of Cr. Rajagopalachaari, the only Indian Governor General.

1973 - India’s first Field Marshal named-Manekshaw.

1974 - May.18.India’s first atomic device, code-named ‘Smiling Buddha’ exploded at Pokhran in Rajasthan: Aug.20. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed elected President: BD. Jatti Vice-President.

1975 - Jan.1. Bombay High-oil located: Apr.17. Dr.S.Radhakrishnan, former President, dies: 19. Indian satellite Aryabhatta launched: Jun.12.Indira Gandhi’s election set aside: 25-National emergency declared and censorship introduced.

1976 - Mar.23.indo-Sri Lanka boundary pact signed:Jun.11.indo-Soviet Moscow Declaration of Friendship and Co-operation signed by India Gandhi and President Brezhnev: Sept.15. Doordarshan established.

1977 - Jan.18. The President dissolves Lok Sabha: Fab.1. President Fakhrudin Ali Ahmed dies: March 16-20 Sixth General Election: 21 Emergency officially withdrawn: 22. Janata and its allies gain absolute majority in Lok Sabha: India Gandhi resigns: 24. Morarji Desai a non-Congress leader becomes PM: 21.sanjiva Reddi elected (unopposed) President of India: Sept.15 Doordarshan established.

1978 - Jan.1. Ari Indian’s first Jumbo Jet, Emperor Ashoka, falls into the Arabian Sea killing 213 passengers and crew: Nov. India Gandhi re-elected to the Lok Sabha as a member of the newly formed Congress (1) party: Dec.19. The Lok Sabha expels India Gandhi, from the House and sentences her to imprisonment of a term lasting until its prorogation.

1979 - Jul.15. Morarji Desai resigns in order to avoid facing a no-confidence motion in the Lok Sabha: 17.Charan Singh is PM heading Janata (S)-Congress coalition: Oct.8. Jayaprkash Narayan dies: 17. Mother Teresa wins Nobel Peace Prize.

1980 - Jan.14.Mrs.Gandhi’s new Ministry at Centre sworn in: 30 Mother Teresa awarded Bharat Ratna: India Wins Moscow Olympic hockey gold.

1981 - Jun.24. APPLE India’s satellite launched: Sept.29 Khalistan activists hijack India Airlines Boeing 737 to Lahore Pakistan: Oct.1. Activists of the Dal khalsa who masterminded the hijacking of India Airlines plane arrested.

1982 - Jan.14. Indian team of 21 members land on Antarctica: Apr.10 INSAT 1A launched from Cape Canaveral USA: Jul.25. Zail Singh sworn in President: Nov.15 Acharya Vinoba Bhave dies: 30. World Premier of Richard Attenborough’s film, Gandhi in New Delhi.

1983 - Mar.3. Seventh Non-Aligned Movement’s summit in New Delhi: Apr.12 Richard Attenborough’s ‘’Gandhi’’ wins 8 Oscars: Oct.19. Prof. Subramanyam Chandrashekhar of India shares Noble Prize for Physics with Prof William Fowler USA: Nov.23. Commonwealth Summit in New Delhi: Bhanu Athajya is the first Indian to win an Oscar for costume design (Gandhi) shared with john Melo.

1984 - Operation Meghdoot seized greater portion of Siachen Glacier from Pak. Occupation: Apr.4. Rakesh Sharma becomes India’s first spaceman: May.23.Miss Bachendri Pal becomes the first Indian woman and 4th in the world to conquer Mount Everest: Jun.5. Operation Blue Star: Oct.31 India Gandhi assassinated by her bodyguards: Rajiv Gandhi sworn in PM.Dec.3 in Bhopal 2.500 per sons die in Union Carbide gas leak tragedy: PT Usha becomes the first Indian woman to appear in an Olympic final: GAIL India established.

1985 - Jan.10. Ravi Shastri scores 6 sixes of Tilak Raja in Bombay: Feb.1. Azharuddin hits century in each of his first three tests: Jun.23. Air India 747, Kanishka, crashes of the coast of lreland killing 329 people on board: Sept India Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) established, in order to promote distance education system and open Universities.

1986 - Feb.1.Pope John Paull arrives in New Delhi: Mar.16. Notorious criminal, Charles Shobraj, escapes Tihar Jail with six criminals shobraj, escapes Tihar Jail with six criminals after drugging the guards: May 6.The Muslim (divorce protection) bill passed, entitling a divorced woman a reasonable provision: Jul.15. India Sandhya Agarwal sets world record by scoring 190 runs in the third test Match against England: Aug.7. The first wholly Indian test-tube baby born at the REM hospital, Bombay: Gen.AS.Vaidya the chief of Army Staff Operation Blue Star, shot dead: Nov.17. SAARCSUMMIT in Bangalore Shah Bano a Muslim divorcee and Mary Roy, a keralite Christian respectively win alimony and inheritance cases in Supreme Court.

1987 - March.7. Sunil Gavaskar becomes the first batsman to make 10,000 runs: May 12.INS Virat(originally Harmiz) commissioned in Indian Navy,30 Goa becomes the 25th state of India: Sept.3. Viswanthan Anand, 17.becomes India’s first Grand Master and the World’s youngest. 

1988 - Feb.25. Prithvi, the first tactical surface-to-surface short range ballistc missile test-fired: Mar.17. IRS-IA, India’s first remote-sensing satellite, launched: Oct.23. The Power Grid Corporation of India established.

1989 - Jan.19. Indian national flag hoisted in South Pole: May.22.Agni, the first surface-to-surface intermediate range ballistic missile, test-fired: Jun.5. TRISHUL, the first surface-to-air short range missile, test-fired: Nov.10. Foundation stone laid for the Ram Janambhoomi temple at Ayodhya: Dec.2. VP Singh, JD leader, sworn in as India’s seventh PM.

1990 - Jan.22. FIR registered in Bofors kickbacks case: Aug.7. Gol accept Mandal Commission recommendations: 14.AKASH, the first surface-to-air medium range missile, test-fired: Sept.25. LK Advani starts his rathayatra: Nov.7. VP Singh tenders resignation: 10.S.Chandrasekhar sworn in as PM.

1991 - Jan.17. About 1.25. lakh Indian expatriates from Kuwait begin to return to Indiaas a result of Gulf War(against lraq): Mar.6. Chandrasekhar resigns as PM: May.21 Former Prime Minister Raijv Gandhi killed by a suicide bomber in Sriperumbudur: Jun.21.A 54-mebmber Narasimha Rao ministry sworn in Dec.15. Satyajit Ray awarded Special Oscar. India’s first indigenous supercomputer built by CDAC Lab in Pune.

1992 - Jan.29. India and lsrael to establish full diplomatic relations: Oscar for lifetime achievement awarded to Satyajit Ray: Apr.28. Sensex fell 570 points (12.77%): May.5.Prithvi launched: Jul.10. INSAT 2A shot into space: 25. Dr.Shankar Dayal Sharma sworn in as ninth President of India: Nov.27.19 year old Sachin Tendulkar scores one thou-sand test runs: Dec.6. The domes of Babri Masjid Ayodhya demolished by fanatics.

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