Current Events 2013 - World Events 2013 - Part 2

Current Events - World Events 2013 - Part II

Current Events - June 2013

02. Britain's Queen Elizabeth II celebrates the 60th anniversary of her coronation • NASA plans to deflect Potentially Harmful Objects (PHOs) such as asteroids that could prove a threat to Earth. Egypt's highest court invalidates the panel that drafted the constitution.
03. Trial of U.S. Army Private First Class, Bradley Manning, who provided sensitive information to Wikileaks begins.
04. U.S. sanctions against Israel's nuclear programme takes the shape of weakening the country's currency.
05. Nawaz Sharif sworn in as Pakistan Premier, vows to strengthen the country's ailing economy- U.s. Ambassadorto UN Susan Rice is to became Obama's Security Adviser.
06. Myanmaropposition leader Aung-San Suu Kyi announces her intention to run for the country's presidency· Bangladesh's Rana Plaza collapse victim, 19-year-old Reshmaa Begum, who survived 17 days in the rubble of the collapsed building, leaves hospital.
07. Russian President Vladimir Putin and wife Lyudmilla announce their divorce after a 30-year marriage.
08. Obama, Xi wrap up a 2-day summit in California tackling several issues including the contentious issue of cyber security • Reports of US surveillance of the servers of Internet companies stir European fears· Serena Williams wins French Open women's singles title.
09. Rafael Nadal creates Grand Slam history by winning the French Open tennis title for a record 8th time.
10. U.S. considers criminal case against former CIA employee Edward Snowden, 29 who leaked documents of widespread United States surveillance programme.
11. China launches its fifth manned space mission with three astronauts including its second female astronaut.
12. Asian officials are concerned that the sensitive information they sent via e-mail may have been monitored by National Security Agency (NSA)· World's oldest man according to Guinness Book of World Records, 116 year-old Jiroemon Kimura of Japan dies.
17. Newly-elected Iranian President Hassan Rouhani rules out halt in nuclear activity but promises transparency· Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan rallies supporters to counter protesters.
19. Rebels in North Mali sign a peace deal with government to hold presidential election in July.
20. U.S. scurries to save Afghan peace talks as Afghanistan is infuriated by the opening of Taliban embassy in Doha.
22. Brazilian President Dilma Roussef promises reforms to calm down the fury of widespread protests.
23. Hong Kong rejects requests for extradition of Snowden, lets him leave for Moscow • Palestinian President Abbas accepts Premier Hamdallah's resignation.
24. Former Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi gets 7 years in prison in underage sex case.
25. Qatar Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani steps down in favour of his son Sheikh Tamim, a first in the Arab world.
26. Kevin Rudd executes a stunning party room coup to oust Julia Gillard and returns as Australian Prime Minister. Japan's robot astronaut 'Kirobo' is ready to be launched.
27. Scientists have found a new solar system 22 light years away with 3 habitable Earth-like stars orbiting it.
28. Britain is set to become the first country to use a controversial IVH technique that would lead to the creation of babies with three parents.
30. Economic woes overshadow celebrations to mark Croatia's entry into European Union as its 28th member.

Current Events - July 2013

01. Brigadier Dahlan Jurnaan AI-Hamad of Qatar elected Asian Athletics Association President.
03. Military coup in Egypt, President Morsi under house arrest.
04. Douglas Engelbart, the visionary electrical engineer who invented the computer mouse, dies in California.
06. Bolivia offers asylum to Snowden • Marion Bartoli of France wins Wimbledon women's singles title, her maiden Grand Slam trophy.
07. A solar-powered aircraft completes historic cross-country flight and lands at JFK Airport.
08. Gloom and anger in pro-Morsy camp after the carnage that left 42 people dead.
11. U.S. succeeds in landing a drone on the deck of an aircraft carrier for the first time.
12. Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani teenager shot at byTaliban 9 months ago, celebrates her 16th birthday with a passionate plea at the UN Youth Assembly tospread education • Ireland passes law allowing abortion under limited circumstances.
13. The people's Democratic Party led by Tshering Tobgaysweeps Bhutan polls winning 32 out of 47 seats.
14. England pulls off a dramatic 14-run win in the first Ashes Test.
15. Bangladesh Jamat leader Ghulam Azam gets 90 years prison term for his role in the 1971 genocide of Bangladeshis.
16. NASA says a 14th moon orbiting planet Neptune has been found.
17. Muslim Brotherhood demands reinstatement of Mohammed Morsy as Egyptian President. Taliban urge Malala to come back and join Madrasa.
18. Sri Lanka unwilling to hand overpowers related to police and law enforcement to Tamil minority.
19. The acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Martin, a black teenager, rattles blacks' sense of security. Australian Premier Kevin Rudd announced that asylum-seekers will not be resettled in the country.
20. Israel agrees to release Palestinian prisoners but reject other conditions to resume peace talks.
21. King Philippe I becomes Belgium's 7th monarch as his father Albert abdicates • A new movie in the works titled 'Man of Steel' features Superman and Batsman facing off against each other.      
22. A bloody Prisons raid by Iraqi militants helps 500 escape and leaves 41 dead. Strong earthquake in West China kills 75, injures 400.
23. Birth of a baby boy to Prince William and Kate Middleton provokes media frenzy in Englan.
24. Afghanistan's first and only woman provincial governor is among the winners of this year's Ramon Magsaysay awards • Pulitzer - winner Jhumpa Lahiri is among the 13 writers longlisted for this year's Man Booker Prize.
25. US House of Representatives come very close to passing a bill defunding NSA's domestic surveillance • A massive train derailment near Spanish pilgrimage centre Santiago de compostela claims 78 lives, injures 140.
27. Crackdown on Morsy supporters leaves scores dead in Cairo.
28. Kuwaits Shia minority lose more than half of their seats and liberals make slight gains in Kuwait's' second polls in 8 months.
29. Costumes from the classic 1965 film Sound of Music fetches 1.3 million dollars in a California auction.
30. Pakistan elects businessman Mammon Mussain as its 12th President.

Current Events - August 2013

01. US whistleblower Edward Snowden is granted asylum in Russia.
02. Snowden disclosures show that US has paid at least £100 million to UK spy agency GCHQ over the last 3 years • The African Union offers cautious endorsement to Zimbabwe's hastily conducted elections. The Italian Supreme Courtslapsa 4 year prison term for former Prime Minister Silvia Berlusconi for tax evasion and fraud.
03. Landslide victory for President Robert Gabriel Mugabe in Zimbabwe elections amid allegations of fraud • Moderate cleric Hassan Rouhani takes office as Iran's President succeeding Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
04. US shuts down 22 embassies following AI Quaida threat
05. Closure of US missions across West Asia extended as AI Qaeda threat is most serious· An ll-year old school girl in the UK achieves the highest possible score of 162 on a Mense 10 test making her braiiner
than scientists Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein.
06. Japan unveils its biggest warship since World War II with a flight deck, designed to carry upto 14 helicopters.
07. Obama cancels next month's summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Snowden asylum seen as primary reason • NASA warns the sun's 180-degree flip in the next three to four months may affect Earth's climate.
08. Venezuelan court rejects opposition demand contesting Presidential election.
10. World Athletic championships begin in Moscow, Mo Farah wins 10,000 metres.
11. Iran marks the deadliest Ramzan in years as car bombs blasts and shootings kill 61 • Jamaican star Usain Bolt captures the men's 100 m gold at the World Athletics Championships in Moscow clocking 9.77 see.
12. Israel supplies a list of Palestinian prisoners to be released in an effort to kick-start a dialogue with Palestinians.
13. Former Premier Ibrahim Boubacar Keita elected Mali's President.
14. Israel starts releasing Palestinian prisoners jailed before 1993 • Taliban kidnaps an Afghan woman M.P., demands release of 4 Taliban prisoners in exchange for the M.P.'s release.
17. Iran's new President Hasan Rouhani hints at shift in foreign policy towards moderation.
18.A new study warns that climate change will trigger more frequent heat waves in the next 30 years.
20. Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf charged with murder in Benazir Bhuto assassination case. Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood's spiritual leader Mohammed Badie arrested.
21. Court orders release of deposed Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.
22. Robert Mugabe sworn in Zimbabwe's President for another 5-year term.
24. US soldier gets life term for slaughtering 16 Afghan in their homes.
25. Syria agrees to allow UN inspection of sites near Damascus where chemical attacks occurred.
26. Snipers attack UN probe team in Syria, government denies hand.
28. UN and Arab League envoy on Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi stresses Security Council mandate for attack on Syria.
29. US GDP accelerates sharply in second quarter.
30. President Obama prepares to launch a unilateral American military action on Syria • Acclaimed Irish poet Seamus Heaney, 1995 Nobel Prize winner in Literature passes away.

Current Events - September 2013

01. Syria calls Obama's decision to seek Congressional approval for a military strike a retreat.
03. Microsoft buys up Nokia's business for $7.2 billion· India cautions against military intervention in Syria.
04. Putin does not rule out supporting a UN resolution authorising use of force in Syria.
05. Manmohan Singh calls G-20 leaders for a collective commitment to revive growth.
08. Tokyo wins bid to host 2020 Olympics, Wrestling returns to Olympics.
09. Russia urges Syria to surrender its chemical weapons to avert war as suggested by US· Rafael Nadal wins US Open, his thirteenth Grand Slam singles title.
11.Syria agrees to eliminate its chemical weapons under international supervision.
12. A Russian educational foundation suggests nominating Putin for Nobel Peace Prize for averting war on Syria.
13. Russia and the US agree to push negotiations for a plan to destroy Syrian President's chemical weapons • Voyager space probe becomes the first human-made object to cross out of the Solar System and into interstellar space.
14. Syrian government is given a week to hand over the inventory of its chemical weapons arsenal under the Kerry - Lavrov plan.
15. Brazil, Atgentina team up for joint cyber-defence mechanism.
18. Syria hands over material to Russia implicating opposition of using chemical weapons.
19. Iran President Hassan Rouhani vows Iran won't develop nuclear weapons.
20. US approves flight plan over Peurto Rico for Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.
21. Somali militant group AI-Shabab kill 59, injures 175 in attack on Kenyan mall.
22. Peshawar church blasts by suicide bombers kill 78 • China's ex-politburo member Bo Xilai sentenced for life on charges of bribery and graft and abuse of power.
23. Angela Merkel is German Chancellor for third term after landslide victory.
25. Balochistan earthquake toll crosses 300.
27. Accord reached among permanent members of UN Security Council on Syria's elimination of chemical weapons.
28. UN Security Council resolution orders destruction of Syria's chemical weapons • US President Obama and Iranian president Hassan Rouhani hold telephone talks, first such talks since 1979.
29. 44 killed in another Peshawar blast. 50 students killed in a millitant attack of an agricultural college in northeastern Nigeria.
30. US federal government faces an across the-board shutdown as Congress is on the brink of denying the White House a critical line of financing.

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