Current Events 2013 - World Events 2013 - Part 1

Current Events - World Events 2013

Current Events - January 2013

01. U.S. Senate approves last minute deal to avoid fiscal cliff • Iran showcase cyber, drone warfare skills.
04. Signs of reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah as Hamas allows Fatah rally in Gaza.
05. Taliban warns of a prolonged war in Afghanistan if any foreign troops stay after 2014· Beijing puts into operation four subway lines with a combined length of 70 km making the Beijing subway system the world's longest • Sania Mirza partnering American Bethanie Mattek-Sands takes the Brisbane International women's doubles title.
07. Obama's nomination of Charles Hagel as his Defence Secretary and John Brennan as CIA director stirs up controversy • Lionel Messi wins Bailon d' Or for best footballer of the year for a record fourth time. OS. Indian origin politician Halima Yacob is set to become the first woman Speaker of Singapore's parliament • The Milky Way is home to 17 billion Earth-sized planets, one in 7 of these is habitable, astronomers say.
13. Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa dismisses country's first woman Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake over graft.
14. Iran hostage drama Argo and musical Les Miserables win two and three Golden Globe awards respectively.
15. Crisis in Pakistan as Supreme Court orders arrest of Prime Minister ParvezAshraf. Talks of coup in Pakistan • Ex-Attorney General appointed Chief Justice of Sri Lanka but Bandaranayake says she is still Chief Justice.
18. Lance Armstrong confesses to taking drugs to win all of his Tour de France titles.
19. 140 countries agree to limit mercury use in world's first treaty on mercury in Geneva.
21.37 foreigners of 8 nationalities killed by hostage takers in an Algerian gas plant attack.
22. Malian town of Diabaly recaptured from Islamist rebels.
24. British PM Cameron tells European Union not to force Britain to join it.
26. Twenty one people sentenced to death for football violence in Port Said, Egypt last year. Victoria Azarenka retains women's singles title at the Australian Open beating Li Na of China.
27. Former left-leaning PM Milos Zeman is the first directly elected Czech President· World No.1 Novak Dhokoric takes his third successive Australian Open men's singles title overcoming World No.3 Andy Murray in 4 sets.
28, Violence in Egypt for 5th day Opposition rejects Morsy's dialogue call • Samuel Yin, one of Taiwan's richest men launches Asia's equivalent of the Nobel Prize - the Tang Prize-donating $102 million.  
29. Tougher test introduced for British citzenship • Election results send Israeli old guard into twilight.
30. Former presidential candidate John Kerry confirmed as U.S. Secretary of State • Israel becomes the first country to boycott a United Nation (U.N) review of its human rights practices.

Current Events - February 2013

01. Blast hits u.s. Embassyin Turkey· Dow Jones Index climbs to 14,000 points for the 1st time since the Great Recession • Warm welcome to French President Hollunde in Malian town Timbuktu, recaptured by French and Malian forces' from Islamists after 10 years • Iran develops fighter jet
02. Iran accepts U.S. offer of talks to end standoff.
04. Rajapaksa rules out autonomy to Tamils of North Lanka. Afghan peace deal in 6 months • Britain unleashes hand-held drone to fight Taliban • Match fixing at club and national levels uncovered by European investigators.
06. U.s. drone base in Saudi Arabia reported • Portrait of Picasso's lover sold for 28.6 million in a London auction.
07. Pak politicians slam country's Kashmir policy • China arrests 12 Tibetans in a crackdown on self-immolation.
08. Clashes at the funeral of murdered Tunisian opposition leader Chahrai Beleid.
09. A letter from Gandhiji considered an important document in world history, to be public auctioned in Britain.
10. Pandit Ravi Shanker'S daughters receive the Grammy for lifetime achievement award to the Sitar maestro· Massive explosion near French base in Mali • Nigeria win African Nations Cup football title.
11. Pope Bendict XVI to resign on Feb 28 the first Pope to quit in 600 years.
12. Obama calls the latest North Korean nuclear test highly provocative ·IOC drops wrestling from Olympic programme from 2020 Olympics. 9 Afghans killed in NATO strike. Russia opposes arms cut until new START is signed • Bangladesh, India set to consolidate ties s Zimbabwe to hold a referendum on a new constitution in March.
15. A meteorite streaks above a Siberian city shaking ground and injuring hundreds of people.
17. UN and Arab League envoy Lakhdar Brahimi urges U.N. based talks to end Syrian crisis. Australia win women's cricket World Cup for the 6'h time.
19. India pushes for expanding banking links with China.
20. Bulgarian government to quit following protests over the economic woes of the country· United States ready to beat back against Chinese cyber-attacks.
21.lran tells global powers to end pressure tactics in nuclear talks • Barcelona stunned by A.C. Milan in Champion Leagure Football.
22, US-Russia rift on Syria re-emerges as U.S. refuses to endorse Russia's condemnation of Damascus car bomb blasts.
23. Six underground tanks holding radioactive wastes are leaking at the Nuclear Reservation in Washington.
24. Pope BenedictXVI gives final blessing, says he will not abandon church.
25. Life of Pie wins four Oscars. Argo is the best picture> South Korea's first woman President Park Geun hye sworn in.
26. Italian election leads to impasse withno party emerging a clear winner.
28. Russia supports French plans to resolve Syrian crisis. U.S. faces massive spending cuts.

Current Events - March 2013

01. Sri Lankan President Rajapaksa denies that army killed rabhakaran's son Balachandran.
as. Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim is Forbes richest man of the world for the 4th successive year China hikes defence budget by 10.7.
06. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez passes away.
08. A study says the Earth is on track to becoming the hottest it has ever been in the past period of 11.3 millennia.
09. Uhuru Kenyatta, son of Kenya's first Prime Minister and President Jomo Kenyatta, wins Kenyan presidential elections.
10. In restructured Chinese economy market gains importance. Aung San Su Kyi re-elected Mayanmar opposition chief amid calls for new blood.
11. Pakistan, Iran launch gas pipeline project in defiance of U.S.
12. The 11 th Panchan Lama included in top Chinese advisory body • Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt and British heptathlon queen Jessica Ennis are Laureaus sports personalities of the year 2012.
13. Argentinian Cardinal George Mario Bergoglio elected 286'h Pope, the first pope from outside Europe in 1272 years, takes the name Pope Francis I
15. Li Keqiang becomes China's new Premier, bolder reforms expected • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cobbles up a coalition to form a government.     .
16. History is created in Pakistan as the PPP-led civilian government and the National Assembly complete their full 5-year term.
17. Xi Jinping, who took over as the new Chinese President on March 16, spells out the dream of making the country strong without seeking hegemony. • U.S. journal Time announced that 'Bobby' Ghosh, an Indian, would be Editor of Time International.
18. A Swedish think tank says India has emerged as world's leading buyer of weapons and China, the largest seller.
19. Russia says that the scrapping of U.S. missile shield for Europe did not address Russia's concerns.
20. Belgian mathematician Pierre Deligna selected for this year's Abel Prize, which is equivalent to the Nobel Prize • Malala Yousufzai, the 15-year old Pakistani girl, who survived a deadly Taliban attack on last October, returns to school in Birmingham.
22. Nigerian author Chinua Achele, considered Father of Africa's literary legacy, passes away at 82.
23. Pope Francis I meets Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI • Chinese President Xi Jinping calls for eternal friendship with Russia.
24. Musharraf returns to Pakistan despite death threats.
26. Syrian rebels take seat at Arab league summit in Doha.
27. Fifth BRICS summit ends in Durban with decision to set up a development bank.
28. The 198 member states of the UN are on the verge of approving an unprecedented global arms trade treaty • U.S. deploys B-2s over South Korea, describes it as 'deterrence mission.'
30. Kenya Supreme Court upholds election of Uhuru Kenyatta as the country's next president • Anti Morsi protests rage across Egypt against the president's ways of flouting legal norms to implement his agenda.
31. Egyptians fear crackdown on freedom of expression as satirist Yousuf arrested over alleged defamation and fraud.

Current Events - April 2013

02. North Korea's threat to increase nuclear weapons production sparks fear of war. UN troops replace foreign troops to defend Mali against insurgency.
03. North Korea blocks access to Kaesong Complex, a key joint industrial zone with South Korea.
04. US boosts missile threats after Pyongyang says it has cleared its military to use light nuclear weapons.
05. Seventeen-year old Paris Brown is appointed UK's first youth Police and Crime Commissioner • Best-selling British soprano Sarah  Brightman set to become only the 8th space tourist and by far the most famous 'civilian' space traveller.
06. UN Human Rights Chief calls on Washington to close down Guantanamo Prison.
08. Margaret Thatcher, Britain's only woman Prime Minister, the Iron lady (3 consecutive terms from 1978 to 1990), passes away at 87.
09. Iraq quietly marks 10th anniversary of the fall of Saddam Hussein's brutal regime
10. British scientist Robert Edwards, Nobel Prize winner for his pioneering work on test-tube babies, died at 87.
11. U.S blasts WTO member countries, particularly India, for failing to cut trade barriers.
12. World's first woman to receive a uterus transplant. Derya Serts, 22, ofTurkey, is two weeks pregnant
13. Russia bans 18 American officials' entry into the country as a tit-for-tat for the sanctions imposed by U.S on 18 Russians.
15. Nicolas Maduro, late Hugo Chavez's protege, wins Venezula's presidential election • Lab-made kidney offers great hope for patients.
16. Strongest earthquake in 50years in the border of South east Iran kills at least 35 and jolts Pakistan India and the Gulf states.
17. Margaret Thatcher given the grandest funeral for a British PM in half a century at a cost of 10 million pounds.
19. Former Pakistan military ruler Pervez Musharraf in police custody • NASA says two planets orbiting a star are inhabitable with chances of water  • Taliban's shooting victim Malala Yousufzai named among 'Time' magazine's most influential people in the world.
20. A 6.6 magnitude earthquake in China's South-western province leaves over 150 people dead.
21. 87 -year old President Georgio Napolitano re-elected Italy's president.
22 Netherlands company' Mars One' is planning to send 4 astronauts to Mars and set up a colony on the Red Planet by 2023.
23. Historic Umayyad Minaret in Aleppo destroyed in Syrian civil war • A new strain of Bird Flu that has killed 22 in China is described the most lethal « Whereabouts of the two bishops abducted in northern Syria remain unknown.
25. Officials admit that Boston bombings suspect Tamerlan Tsaranacu had been in terrorist list for 18 months.
26. Syrian opposition seeks UN intervention in the use of nerve gas as US says military action is an option.
27. Centre-left politician Enrico Letta to form coalition government in Italy, Berlusconi ally Alfano named Deputy Prime Minister.
28. Owner of Rana Plaza, the Bangladesh building that collapsed killing over 375, arrested at India border.
30. Dr. Shirin Sharmin Chaudhary elected Bangladesh's first woman speaker.

Current Events - May 2013

01. Musharaff arrested over killing of Baloch leader Akbar Bugti in a 2006 military operation. US national Kenneth Bao sentenced for 15 years hard labour in North Korea for" hostile action" against the
02. A UN report says Somalia famine of 2010-12 killed 258,000. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says any peace deal with Palestinians will be put to referendum.
03. Hamas leaders reject a peace deal with Israel put forward by the Arab League.
04. China bolsters military's role on its western border including regions bordering India -India is considering more investments in Iran.
06. Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak begins a second term after his National Front coalition wins the elections.
07. A string of Israeli air strikes on Syria threatens to expand the geographical boundaries of the Syrian conflict • In an annual report to the U.S. congress, Pentagon says that the Chinese government is responsible for cyber intrusions.
08. U.S., Russia agree on Syria peace process.
09. Former Pakistan Prime Minister Gilani's son Ali Haider Gilani abducted from a poll-related meeting in Multan • Afghan President Hamid Karzai says US will maintain 9 military bases in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of US forces in 2014.
10. Pakistan gears for its first ever election under civilian watch.
12. Nawaz Sharif set for third term as Pak Premier as his party Pakistan Muslim League - N wins an unassail- able lead. English Premier League team Manchester United bids farewell to their manager for 21/2 decades, Sir Alex Ferguson· Shooting at Mother's Day parade in New Orleans, USA kills 19.
14. Russia detains an American spy from the U.S. embassy in Moscow, orders expulsion.
15. A UN report says that international sanctions have curtailed North Korea's ability to push ahead with its nuclear weapons programme. A geophysicist says that melting of polar ice sheet and mountain glaciers with rising sea level has caused the North Pole to drift towards east.
16. U. N. General Assembly passes a resolution calling for political transition in Syria.
18. Russia decides to supply weapons including S-300 missiles to Syria in a bold attempt to save the regime. Hardliners in Afghan parliament blocks the passing of a law banning violence against women.
20. Sectarian violence in Iraq kills 79 persons in a day, 224 persons in less than a week.
21. Syria -Israel confrontation in the border zone of Golan Heights. Devastating Oklahoma tornado kills 24.
22. American writer Lydia Davis wins Man Booker International Prize 2013.
23. China says it will go ahead with building infrastructure in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir despite India's concerns. Eighty year old Japanse Yuichiro Miura, a former extreme skier becomes the oldest man to climb Mount Everest.
24. Organisation for African Unity (OAU) observes the golden jubilee of its founding under its current name 'African Union.'· Pakistan feels relieved by Obama's new drone policy
25. Bayern Munich beats Borussia Dortmund 2-1 to win European Champions League football title.
27. A lesbian love story Blue is the Warmest colour wins the top prize at the Cannes Film Festival.
30. A global topographic map of Saturn's largest moon 'Titan' is produced by scientists.
31. Diversion of a major Nile tributaroy sparks tensions between Egypt and Ethiopia.

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