General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers - Part 1

General Knowledge Quiz - 1

1. Quiz: Which country has a flag which is a white cross on a red background?

2. Quiz: What is the name of the traditional Japanese style of fencing with wooden swords?

3. Quiz: What is Altamira in northern Spain famous for?
Caves with pre-historic paintings and engravings.

4. Quiz: In 1936 Gandhi shifted his ashram to Segaon from Sabarmati. What new name did Gandhi give the village?

5. Quiz: Plato taught in an olive grove outside Athens. It became a kind of school. What was it called?
The Academy

6. Quiz: In ancient Greek city states the central district would be built on a hilltop and it would contain the chief municipal and religious buildings. What was this place called?

7. Quiz: Who are the legendary founders of Rome?
Romulus and Remes

8. Quiz: What are the most reliable industrial shares on a stock exchange called?
Blue chip

9. Quiz: Where is Neanderthal?
In Germany, near Dusseldorf

10. Quiz: Which Greek statesman is called 'the father of democracy'?

11Quiz: Jan Paderewski was already famous when he became Poland's first Prime Minister in 1917. As what?
Virtuoso pianist

12. Quiz: 'Unfriend' is an expression associated with Facebook. Who first used the expression 'unperson'?
George Orwell in 1984

13. Quiz: Over which river does Trajan's river span?
The Danube

14. Quiz: Who is the Wen Ti?
The Chinese god of literature

15. Quiz: What is Fabian socialism?
Socialism through reform rather than through violence and revolution.

16Quiz: For whom was the supreme principal of morality the" categorical imperative"?
Immanuel Kant

17. Quiz: What is the Law of Economy or the Law of Parsimony better known as?
Ockham's razor (" Entities are not to be multiplied beyond necessity".)

18. Quiz: What was Fleet Street famous for?

19. Quiz: Name India's equivalent of Wall St, New York City.
Dalal Street, Mumbai

20. Quiz: Which two bodies of land are separated by the Strait of Messina?
Sicily and Italy

21. Quiz: Name the three Pakistani cities which have served as capitals since independence.
Karachi, Rawalpindi and Islamabad 

22. Quiz: What is the language of the Gypsies?

23. Quiz: In law what is a subpoena?
A writ commanding a witness to appear before a court of law

24. Quiz: What is psychokinesis?
The supposed ability of the mind to move physical objects

25. Quiz: Which sea surrounds the island of Majorca?
The Mediterranean

26Quiz: Which is the world's smallest ocean? 
The Arctic Ocean

27Quiz: Who is the chief law officer of a state in India?
The Attorney General.

28Quiz: In Spain live a race of people who call themselves Euskotarak. The Spanish call them Vascos or Vascongadas. What is their more popular name?
The Basques

29Quiz: An American psychologist John Broadus Watson founded a school of psychology. Name it.

30. Quiz: What in architecture is a setback?                  
A step-like recession in the facade of a building

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