General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers - Part 2

General Knowledge Quiz - 2

1. Quiz: What is Cornish?
A Celtic language originally spoken in Cornwall. Last speaker died in the early 19th century.

2. Quiz: What is the official language of China?

3. Quiz: Which newspaper claims to carry "all the news that is fit to print"?
The New York Times

4. Quiz: What is the peninsula containing Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, the European part of Turkey and most of Yugoslavia called?
The Balkan peninsula

5. Quiz: What are auroras?
Luminous phenomena of the upper atmosphere that occur in high latitudes of both hemispheres.

6. Quiz: A group of islands in the Atlantic used to be called the Eternal Islands. Give their present name.
Canary Islands

7. Quiz: Name the political scientist who suggested in 1992 that now that the conflict between Communism and Capitalism was over the only problems mankind would have to solve were technological ones and, hence, "history has ended".
Francis Fukuyama

8. Quiz: Who were called "the philosophers of the garden"?
The followers of Epicurus, who taught in a garden.

9. Quiz: Who developed the Theory of Aggregate Demand?
J M Keynes

10. Quiz: Name the thinker who said that men's minds are beset with 'Idols' which prevent clear thinking and that the four classes of idols were ldols of the Cave, ldols of the Tribe, ldols of the Market Place and idols of the Theatre.
Francis Bacon

11. Quiz: By what name are the followers of Zeno, the Greek philosopher known?

12. Quiz: What did Carl Jung call his system of psychology, to distinguish it from Freud's methods?
Analytic psychology

13. Quiz: What does BP mean with reference to time?
Before Present

14. Quiz: Who are the Inuit?
Eskimos. (The self-governing Eskimo territory in north western Canada is also called Inuit).

15. Quiz: What do Tupolov, Antonov and Illuyshin have in common?
Russian aircraft designers

16. Quiz: What is Lysenkoism?
The unscientific idea, propagated by Tromfin Lysenko, Stalin's favourite biologist, that acquired characteristics are inherited.

17. Quiz: Which organization has the motto 'Be prepared'?
The Boy Scouts.

18. Quiz: What is a Zeppelin?
A motor driven airship with a rigid frame

19. Quiz: What was the name of the mission that first landed men on the moon? 
Apollo 11

20. Quiz: A Republican senator gave his name to a phenomenan. What phenomenon?
Virulent anti-communism.

21. Quiz: Who coined the term 'glasnost?
Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the Russian novelist

22. Quiz: Of which city state was Marco Polo a native?

23. Quiz: Name the two places linked by the Silk Route. 
Rome and China

24. Quiz: What is an amphora?
One of the principal vessel shapes in Greek pottery, a two side handled pot with a neck narrower than the body

25. Quiz: Name the game played on a 'diamond'.

26. Quiz: What is the gammadion cross?
The swastika (used widely in early Christian and Byzantine art)

27. Quiz: Name the rivers that flow into the Shatt-al-Arab waterway.
Tigris and Euphrates

28. Quiz: What in agriculture is the three-field system?
Method of agricultural organisation whereby only 1/3rd of a field was left fallow; an improvement on the two field system of the Middle Ages

29. Quiz: Name the man who first organised conducted tours.
Thomas Cook

30. Quiz: What are the official languages of Singapore?
Chinese, English, Malay and Tamil.  

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