General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers - Part 4

General Knowledge Quiz - 4

1. Quiz: Of which country is Irian Jaya a province?

2. Quiz: What lies between Colon and Balboa?
The Panama Canal

3. Quiz: What is divided or classified according to the Dewey decimal classification system?
Books in a library or knowledge

4. Quiz: What is divided into three types ballas, bort and carbonado? 
Industrial diamonds

5. Quiz: The world's largest rock is regarded as sacred by the Aborgines. What is it called?
Ayer's Rock

6. Quiz: Who were the Piccards?
A Swiss family of scholars, scientists and explorers noted for their contributions to science and public affairs. They included Auguste Piccard who explored the upper atmosphere and his twin Jean-Felix, who descended to a depth of 3150 metres.

7. Quiz: Who is Don Stephen Senanayake?
First PM of Ceylon after its independence from Britain in 1948

8. Quiz: What is the current name of Batavia? 
Djakarta, Capital of Java and Indonesia.

9. Quiz: In demography what is the difference between fertility and fecundity?
The actual frequency of births is fertility and the biological capacity for reproduction is fecundity

10. Quiz: Hana Matsuri or the Flower Festival is one of Japan's most important festivals. What does it celebrate?
The Buddha's birthday

11. Quiz: What is the strait between Greenland and Iceland called?
The Strait of Denmark.

12. Quiz: What is legal fiction?
Presumptuous as true something that is clearly false. (Example: if a legislature has no power, according to law, to sit beyond midnight, the clock is slowed down)

13. Quiz: Five of the six highest railway stations in the world are in China. Where is the sixth one?
In Peru

14. Quiz: Complete the advertising slogan by PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals): "It takes up to 40 dumb animals to make a fur coat but ... ?
"only one to wear it".

15. Quiz: On the banks of which river is Jammu situated?

16. Quiz: What was established by Henri Desgrange in 1903?
The Tour de France

17. Quiz: What, in education, is tracking or streaming?
The isolation in classes of pupils who are homogenous in age or intellectual ability.

18. Quiz: Which was the first Himalayan peak beyond 8000 metres to be scaled?
Annapurna, on June 3, 1950 by a French expedition led by Maurice Herzog.

19. Quiz: Give the full form of CAT scan.
Computerised axial tomography.

20. Quiz: How many members can one US state send to the US Senate?
Two (irrespective of the population of the state).

21. Quiz: The Croats and the Serbians use two different alphabets; the Croats use the Roman script and the Serbians use Cyrillic. Their religions show a similar difference. What is it?
Croats are Roman Catholics and Serbs are Eastern Orthodox Christians.

22. Quiz: Who established the Noble prize for Economics?
The Bank of Sweden in the year of 1968

23. Quiz: Who first formulated the philosophical doctrine of dialectical materialism?
Frederic Engels.

24. Quiz: Who said that in a post-industrial society the rate of change is such that "reality seems like a kaleidoscope run wild" and also that "Change is avalanching on our heads and most people are unable to cope with it."
That is Alvin Toffler in Future Shock

25. Quiz: Which respected scholar and historian served as India's ambassador to China between 1948 and 1952?
K.M. Panikkar

26. Quiz: Who developed the system of library classification ca lied the Colon Classification?
S R Ranganathan

27. Quiz: Saddam Hussein was the leader of Iraq's Baath or Baathist party. What does the word 'baath' mean in Arabic?
Renaissance or resurgence.

28. Quiz: Who introduced into sociology the idea of charisma?
Max Weber

29. Quiz: What is Parkinson's Law?
That work expands so as to fill the time available for its finishing point.

30. Quiz: Which psychologist spoke of the pleasure principle?
Sigmund Freud.

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