General Knowledge Quiz Questions - Science Quiz - Part 1

General Knowledge Questions - Science Quiz -1

1. Quiz: What is also known as 'God Particle'?
The Higgs boson, the missing link in the so-called standard model of physics

2. Quiz: A 10,000 sq. km reserve at the fringes of the Amazon basin considered to be the single most diverse spot on earth 
Yasuni National Park, Ecuador

3. Quiz: Halley's Comet will next be seen in the year

4. Quiz: The IT hub of New Delhi
Nehru Place

5. Quiz: In heavy water, hydrogen is replaced by

6. Quiz: Galvani used what eccentric objects in his studies of electricity?
frog's legs

7. Quiz: What do you call elements with Atomic Number between 57 and 71?
'Rare earth' (They are all metals.)

8. Quiz: What are the four forces of nature?
Gravity, electromagnetism, strong force and weak force

9. Quiz: Two scientists independently discovered differential and integral calculus. Who were they?
Newton and Leibniz

10. Quiz: What is a 'cosmic year'?
The time taken for the earth and the solar system to complete one journey round the Milky Way

11. Quiz: What is Pangea?
The single continent that existed on the face of Earth about 200 million years ago

12. Quiz: What is 'escape velocity'?
Velocity required for an thing to escape from the gravitational field of any heavenly body

13. Quiz: For what is 'lockjaw' another name?

14. Quiz: A catalogue of what would you find in the AG catalogue?
Stars and their position

15. Quiz: What is the name of the device that will permit one to pass between regions of differing atmospheric pressure?
An air lock.

16. Quiz: Name the most abundant metallic element in the Earth's crust.

17. Quiz: What is an annual ring?
The increment of wood add up by a year's growth; seen in the cross section of trees.

18. Quiz: The world's No.1 manufacturer of business software
Germany's SAP AG  

19. Quiz: Where were dodos found?

20. Quiz: Who invented the aqualung?
Jacques Cousteau

21. Quiz: Name the doctor who invented the heart-lung machine.
Frank Golan

22. Quiz: What does the Geiger counter measure?

23. Quiz: Jupiter has ----- confirmed moons (4,24,64,84)?

24. Quiz: The astronaut associated with the orbital spacecraft 'Friendship 7'
John Glenn

25. Quiz: The space shuttle that burst out barely a minute after lift-off

26. Quiz: What happened to the three men who manned Salyut 1 for 23 days?
They were killed on the return flight in Soyuz 11

27. Quiz: How long would it take to reach the sun if it were possible to drive through space at a steady 55 m.p.h speed.
193 years

28. Quiz: The theory of creationism holds that the world was created
by God out of nothing

29. Quiz: The lining of stomach contains about 35 mn. What?
tiny glands

30. Quiz: Atherosclerotic food items increases what in human body?
cholesterol level

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