General Knowledge Quiz Questions - Science Quiz - Part 7

General Knowledge Questions - Science Quiz -7

1.Quiz: What d0es the law of biogenesis state?
"Omne vivum ex vivo". All living things are descended from previously living things.

2. Quiz: What are the minor planets?
Asteroids. One of a host of small bodies with diameters of a few 1 00 kms or less, which move in orbits within the asteroid belt between the planets Mars and Jupiter.

3. Quiz: The Indian Institute of Science, which started functioning in 1901, owes its origin to this great Indian
Jamshedji Tata

4. Quiz: Songs about drug use made this singer famous
50 Cent (Curtis James Jacks0n III)

5. Quiz: An age is (shorter I longer) than the epoch

6. Quiz: What important discovery did a British naval surgeon James Lind make?
That sailors who took lemons on long voyages did not suffer from scurvy. He realised that citrus fruits had medicinal properties.

7. Quiz: What d0es the word Jurassic mean?
Characteristic of the Jura Mountains. In Geology it is the middle division of the Mesozoic rocks, which were well developed in the Jura Mountains of the Alps.

8. Quiz: What is heart-rot?
Decay in the heart of trees, caused by various fungi.

9. Quiz: The fundamental equation of quantum mechanics is named after the man who developed it. What is it called?
Schrodinger equation

10. Quiz: In March 1986 a European Space Agency space probe plunged through Halley's comet and sent back to earth the first ever pictures from inside a comet. Name the space craft.

11. Quiz: Who, in 1808, isolated calcium and sodium?
Humphrey Davy

12. Quiz: Which is the best month for meteors and why?
August. Each year in the second week of August the Earth runs into a cloud of debris in space left behind by the comet Swift-Turtle. Since the meteors appear to come out of the constellation Perseus astronomers call the display Perseid meteor shower.               '

13. Quiz: Which is the most distant object in the Solar System that one can see with one's naked eye?

14. Quiz: The man who was responsible for the VS engine also invented the electric self starter for cars. Name him.
Henry Martyn Leland

15. Quiz: There are two ways of disposing low level radioactive waste - C&C and D&D. What are they?
Concentrate and Confine and Dilute and Disperse

16. Quiz: Who first used the term 'biocide'?
Rachel Carson 

17. Quiz: What did Charles Darwin call "an abominable mystery"?
The origin of flowering plants.

18. Quiz: Saturn is not the only planet with rings. Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus also have rings but they are invisible from Earth. Why are Saturn's rings visible?
Because much of it is made of ice.

19. Quiz: What did Eric Fawcett and Reginald Gibson invent in 1933?
Polythene bags

20. Quiz: Phone connections in India in 1981
25 lakh

21. Quiz: Mobile phone users in India by May, 2012
91 crore

22. Quiz: TRAI estimates there will be ------ new mobile users by end of 2013
20 cr.

23. Quiz: Who made the 1st mobile phone call in India?
Jyoti Basu, 1995

24. Quiz: Whom did he call?
Telecom minister Sukh Ram

25. Quiz: The biggest private cellphone player in India

26. Quiz: Weight of Martin Cooper's (Motorola Vice President) handset designed in the 1970s
about one kg

27. Quiz: The first motorbike came in 1885. It was named Reitwagen in German. It meant
riding car

28. Quiz: Launched in 1983, the Motorola set was priced

29. Quiz: The deadline set for nationwide digitisation
March 31, 2015

30. Quiz: Which number cannot be represented by the Roman Numerical: 0, 0.25, 1/2, 10,000?

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