Indian Postal Service - Important Facts

Indian Postal Service
About Indian Postal Service
  1. First postal service started in: 1837
  2. First postal stamp issued (provincial): 1852 in Karachi
  3. First all-India postal stamp issued: 1854
  4. Establishment of Postal Department: 1854
  5. Money Order service started in: 1880
  6. Airmail Service: 1911 (Allahabad to Nainital)
  7. PIN Code started: 1972
  8. Number of post offices in India: 1,54,866 as on March 2013 [Rural Area: 1,39,040 (89.70); Urban Area: 15,826 (10.16)]
  9. On an average a post office in India serves a geographic area of about 21.23 sq. km and a population of 781 7 people.
  10. India has the largest postal service network in the world and it has 3 catergories of post offices: Head Post offices, Sub-Post Offices and Extra Departmental Branch Post Offices.
  11. Indian postal network has grown 7 times since independence.
  12. In addition to post offices the basic postal facilities are also offered through Franchise Outlets and Panchayat Sanchar Seva kendras. As on March 2013, there are 1670 Franchise Outlets and 3746 Panchayat Sanchar Seva Kendras in India. 

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