World War 1 - History of First World War

First World War (1914-18)
Countries involved in World War 1: Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey Vs. France, Russia, Britain, US, Italy, other nations 

On June 28,1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the success0r to the Austro-Hungarian dominion, was murdered in Sarajavo. The Austrians swiftly discovered that the murderer, Gavrilo Princip, was a fellow of the Black Hand terrorist group. They knew Black Hand was supported and helped by Serbia's military and thought Serbia had planned the assassination. On 28 July, 1914 Austria Hungary declared war on Serbia, whom she accused for the assassination. Austria was assisted by her ally Germany, but they were encountered by the "Entente" powers, France, Russia, and Britain. In late 1914 the Germans unsuccessful to capture Paris despite the boldness of their invasion strategy (the Schlieffen Plan), and the warfare settled into the deadlock of trench battle on the Western Front. In the East the Germans beaten the Russia’s Attack of East Prussia at Tannenberg and the Masurian Lakes. 

In 1915 the Entente attempt to break the deadlock on the Western Front by expeditions to the Dardanelles and Salonika in southeast Europe, and by persuading Italy to attack Austria, but to no avail. In l9l6 both sides launched grand offensives on the Western Front, the Germans oppose Verdun and the Allies on the Somme, but in spite of enormous casualties the deadlock continued. At sea the British and Germans battled the drawn battle of Jutland. 

In 1917 both sides were assumed hope, the Germans by the Russian Revolution (which eventually removed Russia from the war) and the Allies by the Unites States' entrance into the war. The following year proved decisive. The Germans propelled a last great offensive (the Spring Offensive) in 1918 but this was paused and US support tipped the scales the Allied way. 

Germany admit to an cease-fire in November. Her allies, Austria and Turkey, had already given up the battle, the Austrians defeated at Vittorio Veneto in Italy and the Turks conquered by the British in Palestine and Mesopotamia.

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