International Current Events - April 2014

Calendar of World Current Events – April 2014

1. Manuel Valla replaces Jean- Mark Ayrault as French Prime Minister. 

2. A 2-minute long under sea earthquake of 8.2 intensity in northern Chile kills 6 but passes without major destruction. 

3. Russia scraps last discount on gas price granted by Moscow to Ukraine. 

4. Russia calls for autonomy for Russian-speaking people in Ukraine. 

5. Afghans defy Taliban warning and vote In large numbers in the election to find a successor to President Hamid Karzai. 

6. Sri Lanka win their maiden ICC World T20 cricket title beating India by six wickets in the final

8. The Philippines High Court approves a birth control law that is expected to transform the lives of millions of poor Fillipinos. 

9. A powerful bomb blast in an Islamabad market kills 24. 

10. UN Security Council decides to send 12,000 UN peacekeepers to Central African Republic where Christian-Muslim violence has triggered fears of genocide. 

11. The Jamiat Ulema e-Islam with a strength of 14 in the National Assembly of Pakistan withdraws support to the Federal Government. 

12. Rebellion against the pro-Western leaders in Kiev spreads across the Russian-speaking eastern Ukraine. 

16. Boko Haram Islamists kidnap more than 250 girls from a secondary school in Nigeria's embattled north-east. 

17. Hopes of finding survivors from the more than 300 missing after a South Korean ferry capsize fade. 

18. Famed Columbian Nobel laureate Gabriel Garcia Marques, who wrote 'Hundred years of Solitude' dies at 87.

19. Lee JoonSeok, captain of the South Korean ferry that capsized with 476 on board arrested for abandoning hundreds of Gabriel Garcia trapped passengers. Marques 

21. Malaysian pilot Nor Adam Azmi, who calmly landed a Malaysian Airlines jet with a burst tyre and faulty landing gear, hailed a hero. 

22. Brunei puts off tough Sharia punishments in the face of widespread condemnation. 

23. A New York Times study reveals that after-tax middle incomes In other advanced countries are higher than in the US 

24. Obama vows to defend Japan In the event of a China attack; asks China to help stop North Korea's dangerous nuclear programme. 

26. Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas says the new government With Hamas backing will recognise Israel. 

27. Pope Francis beatifies his predecessors Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II. 

28. President Barrack Obama says the US has no intention to contain or control China despite signing a defence pact with the Philippines. 

30. IMF says that Russia is in recession and slashes its growth forecast for 2014.

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