International Current Events - February 2014

Calendar of World Current Events – February 2014

1. Indonesian volcano Mount Sinabung erupts killing 14 including 4 school children. 

2. Protesters block voting in thousands of booths in the chaotic Thai election. 

3. Winner of Academy Award for his title role in the film Capote, Philip Seymour Hoffman found dead in his Manhattan apartment. 

5. Strike by thousands of workers brings the London underground train service to a halt. 

6. Russian punk protest group Punk Riot defies President Vladimir Putin on the eve of the Sochi Olympics at a star-studded New York concert. 

8. Thomas Cook, India Ltd. and Chennai-headquartered Sterling Holiday Resorts India Ltd. announce $870-crore merger deal. 

9. Indian origin New York doctor - Vivek Reddy, implants the first miniature-sized lead less cardiac pacemaker inside a patient's heart without surgery. 

11. President Hassan. Rouhani calls for fair nuclear Y talks as Iran marks the 35th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution. 

12. Thailand's constitutional Court declines to consider opposition petition to annul the February 2 vote giving a boost to Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra. 

14. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry calls for Chinese support in pushing North Korea towards denuclearisation. 

15. Stalemate in Lebanon ends with the formation of a compromise government under new Prime Minister Tammam Salam. 

16. Ukraine's opposition forms parallel government upping the ante in the confrontation with President Viktor Yanukovych. 

17. Twelve Years a Slave directed by Steve McQueen bags best movie prize at Bafta. 

19. Russia and the West cross swords over Ukraine as the country's worst violence in post-Soviet history claims 26 lives. 

20. Dozens of North and South Koreans separated from their loved ones for 6 decades meet in a rare period of detente in North Korea's Diamond Mountain resort. 

22. China summons top US diplomat to protest Obama's meeting with Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama in White House. 

23. Ukraine's opposition votes to appoint newly elected Parliament speaker Olyksandr Turchynov as interim President in a bid to form a new government. 

24. Egypt's interim Prime Minister Hazem el-Beblawi's government resigns paving the way for military chief Field Marshal Abdel-Fattah al-Sissi to run for president. 

25. Suspected Boko Haram (meaning 'western education is forbidden') Islamists massacre 43 secondary school students ill Kano, northeast Nigeria. 

26. Russia asks Syria not to arm Syrian rebels with missiles. 

27. Ukraine's ousted leader viktor Yanukovych flees his country, takes refuge in Russia.

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