Major Wars and Battles of The World - Part 2

List of Major Battles and Wars of World with Brief History and Cause of Battles and Wars

1701-1713 War of Spanish Succession
Spain, Bavaria, France, vs. England, H0lland, Austrian empire, Portugal 

Charles II of Spain died childless in 1700. In 1701, France, the kings of England and H0lland claimed the throne, Other states in Europe aligned themselves with the various claimants as the dispute waged. In 1713, treaties were signed that split the lands among the claimants, weakening the Spanish empire and established the stage for the rise of Britain's empire. 

1756-1763 Seven Years' War 
France, Austria, Sweden, Russia, vs. Britain, Prussia

Unresolved power struggles led to a conflict that involved almost every major country in Europe and their respective colonies. Britain conquered, and France ceded to it all of Canada and lands east of the Mississippi. Austria and Prussia worked out their own agreement, confirming Prussia's status as a dominant power in Europe. 

1775-1783 American Revolution 
American British colonies vs. Britain 

Britain's North American colonies revolted against Britain's oppressive policies, including levy without representation. The conflict began with the famous ride of Paul Revere warning volunteers of British army movements, and over in 1783 with the Treaty of Paris's recognition of Independence of US. The colonies were vict0ri0us, and a "more perfect union" was created. 

1799-1815 Napoleonic Wars 
France vs. Russia, Britain, Prussia, Sweden, Austhria, 

Napoleonic Wars were a series of wars declared against the Napoleon's French Empire by the opposing coalitions. The battle was at first ignited by the French Revolution of 1789 and played out on an exceptional scale, primarily owed to the application of modern mass conscription (compulsory military service). Power of France was solid than ever as Napoleon armies had conquered much of Europe but came to an ultimate military defeat after France's disastrous invasion of Russia in 18l2. With over 6.5 million people dead the war came to an end resulting in the restoration of the Bourbon-Monarchy in France and the creation of the Concert of Europe. 

1821-29 Greek War of Independence 
Greece vs. Ottoman Turkey 

After centuries of domination, the Greeks rose up against the Turks. Many European powers backed the Greeks' claim for independence. At first, the 0ttomans had the upper hand, but they soon lost ground: they were forced to recognize an independent Greece in the 1832 Treaty of Constantinople.

1850 - 1864 Taiping Rebellion 
Taiping rebels vs. China's Qing dynasty 

Led by religious visionary Hong Xiuquan, a million-man farmer’s army r0se against the Qing dynasty, establishing the proto-communist 'Taiping ("Heavenly Peace") kingdom in southern China. Twenty million people died in a 14-year war that devastated 17 provinces before the Qing, assisted by western troops led by George "Chinese" Gordon, arisen conquering

1854-5.6 Crimean War 
Turkey, Britain, France vs. Russia 

Britain and France, wanting to safeguard the Ottoman Empire and their interests, sided with Turkey to oust expansionist Russia from former Turkish territories. The allies laid siege to Sevastopol, Russia's vital position. A peace agreement was signed in 1856; Russia was forced to cede territory to the Ottomans. Russia's d0minance in southeastern Europe was shortened, at least for a short period. 

1861 - 65 U.S. Civil War 
Confederates vs. Unionists 

The American Civil War was fundamentally a war fought between the 'North' or the 'Union' and the South also known as the 'Confederacy' formed by the secession of several southern slave states. It was also known as the War Between the States or simply just the Civil War. The war had its 0rigins set on issues of slavery and the extensions of it into the western territories of America. More than 8oo,ooo people were killed in the war. 

1866 Austro-Prussian War 
Austria vs. Prussia 

Also called the 7 Weeks War. Arguing over who should controller of the Schleswig-Holstein region, Austria, Prussia and their alliance went briefly to battle. Austrians were soundly defeated. Austria lost its hegemony; Prussia gained land and power, building up Perussia's domination of Europe in later years. 

1870-71 Franco-Prussian War 
France vs. Prussia 

Prussia's Ottovon Bismarck, in a bid to unify the German states under his dictation, oiled the flames of anti-French sentiment in the southern German states, who were reluctant to join his confederation. Battle burst out among Prussia and France, with the s0uthern German states coming to Prussia's rescue. In the end, France was defeated and the southern states joined Bismarck's confederation. Prussia's domination of Europe was assured. 

1894-95 First Sino-Japanese War 
China vs. Japan 

Japan went to war with China over the independence of Korea. Japan swiftly beat back Chinese forces and China was forced to recognize independence of Korea's. The China also conceded Taiwan, the Liaotung Peninsula, and other areas to Japan, giving them their first footholds on the Asian mainland. 

1899 - 1902 Boer War 
Britain vs. Boers of the Orange Free State, South African Republic (Transvaal) 

Territorial disputes between the two sides became more vicious when gold was found in the Transvaal. The B0ers declared war and, even though successful at 1st, were beaten back. After years of guerrilla combat, peace came with the treaty of British sovereignty in return for a representative government and war reparations.

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