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General Knowledge - INDIA

  • Indian Armed Forces (Indian Military) Download
  • History of Indian Military Download 
  • AIDS-HIV in India Complete Notes with Current Statistics - Download
  • Indian Climate-Indian terrain - Download 
  • Indian Constitution-Need of Amending Process - Download
  • Indian Demographics-Complete Notes with Up to Date Statistics Download
  • Indian Constitution-DPSP-Directive Principles of State Policy Download
  • Important Festivals of India-Complete Notes Download
  • Indian Constitution-Fundamental Duties - Download
  • Indian Constitution-Fundamental Rights - Download
  • Indian Constitution-Right to Education - Download
  • Indian Constitution-Right to Shelter & Right to Health - Download
  • Indian Constitution-Right to Work - Download
  • Interesting Facts About India - Download
  • Chronological Facts About Indian Partition - Download
  • Facts About Indian Cinema - Download
  • Facts About Indian Flag - Download
  • Languages in India-Notes with Statistics - Download 
  • Earthquakes in India Up to Date Notes - Download
  • List of Indian Freedom Fighters-Statewise List - Download
  • National Bravery Award for Indian Children - Download
  • Notes About National Emblem, National Animal, National Bird, National Tree and National Fruit of India - Download
  • Nuclear Test of India - Download
  • Param Ver Chackra Award-History and Winner List - Download
  • Political Parties in India-List of Recognized National and State Parties-Download 
  • Complete List of National and State Parties including Unrecognized Parties - Download
  • Facts About Indian Rupee Symbol - Download
  • Facts About Taj Mahal - Download 
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  1. any file cant be saved in gk part 3

  2. The information about Taj Mahal is wrong you should have done some research before uploading in knowledge base.. Tejo Mahalay is the original name and belonged to a Hindu Raja Man Singh as an ancestral property (built around 1155AD)..
    If you notice this mosque is not facing macca.
    Coconut+Mango Leaves+Kalash+Chandrama below which the lotus shaped dome..
    Government should open and see the hidden chambers in Taj Manam(Tejo Mahalay) and revel truth..
    Or an a carbon test to determine the real age will help as well.


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