State Symbols of India, Animal, Bird, Tree, Flower

State Symbols of India, Animal, Bird, Tree, Flower

Symbols of Indian Sates

  • Andhra Pradesh: Animal-Black Buck, Bird-Indian Roller, Tree-Neem
  • Arunachal Pradesh: Animal-Bos Frontalis, Bird-Hornbill, Tree-Hollogan, Flower-Lady slipper orchid
  • Assam: Animal-One Horned Rhinoceros, Bird-Wood Duck with white wings, Tree- Dipterocarpus Macrocarpus
  • Bihar: Animal- Gaur, Bird-Indian Roller, Tree-Peepla, Flower-Kanchnar
  • Chhattisgarh: Animal-Wild Buffalo, Bird-Hill Myna, Tree-Sal
  • Goa: Animal-Gaur, Bird-Black Crestor Bubble, Tree-Matti
  • Gujarat: Animal-Lion, Bird-Greater Flamingo, Tree-Mango
  • Haryana: Animal-Black Buck, Bird-Black Francolin, Tree-Sacred Fig, Flower-Lotus
  • Himachal Pradesh: Animal-Hanjul, Bird-Black necked Crane, Tree-Deodar, Flower-Rhododendron
  • Jammu & Kashmir: Animal-Hangul, Bird-Black necked Crane, Tree-Chinar, Flower-Lotus
  • Jharkhand: Animal-Indian Elephant, Bird-Asian Koel, Tree-Sal, Flower-Palash
  • Karnataka: Animal-Indian Elephant, Bird-Indian Roller, Tree-Sandalwood, Flower-Lotus
  • Kerala: Animal-Elephant, Bird-Great Indian Horn Bill, Tree-Coconut, Flower-Kanikonna
  • Madhya Pradesh: Animal-Baraisinga, Bird-Asian Paradise Flycatcher, Tree-Banyan
  • Maharashtra: Animal-Indian Giant Squirrel, Bird-Yellow footed Pigeon, Tree-Mango, Flower-Jarul
  • Manipur: Animal-Sangai, Bird-Mrs.Hume’s Pheasant, Tree-Indian Mahogany, Flower-Shiroy Lily
  • Meghalaya: Animal-Clouded Leopard, Bird-Hill Myna, Tree-White Teak, Flower-Lady Slipper Orchid
  • Mizoram: Animal-, Bird-Mrs.Hume’s Pheasant, Tree-Iron wood, Flower-Red Vanada
  • Nagaland: Animal-Mithun, Bird-Blyth’s Tragopan, Tree-Alder, Flower-Rhododendron
  • Odisha: Animal-Sambar, Bird-Blue Jay, Tree-Asheatha , Flower-Lotus
  • Punjab: Animal-Black Buck, Bird-Northern Goshawk, Tree-Indian Rosewood
  • Rajasthan: Animal-, Bird-Great Indian Bustard, Tree-Khejri, Flower-Rohira
  • Sikkim: Animal-Red Panda, Bird-Blood Pheasant, Tree-Rhododendron, Flower-Nobel Orchid
  • Tamil Nadu: Animal-Nilgiri Thar, Bird-Emerald Dove, Tree-Palm Tree, Flower-Glory Lilly
  • Tripura: Animal-Phayres, Langur, Bird-Green imperial pigeon, Tree-Agar, Flower-Nageshwar
  • Uttarakhand: Animal-Musk Deer, Bird-Himalayan Monal, Tree-Rhododendron, Flower-Brahma Kamal
  • Uttar Pradesh: Animal-Swamp Deer, Bird-Sarus Crane, Tree-Saal, Flower-Brahma Kamal
  • West Bengal: Animal-Bengal Tiger, Bird-Kingfisher with white neck, Tree-Devil Tree, Flower-Shephali

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  1. Patna: The Bihar cabinet has declared sparrow as the state animal, marigold as the state flower and peepal as the state tree, an official said Wednesday.

    "The state cabinet approved the proposal late Tuesday. They will be (now) used as state symbols," Brajesh Mehrotra, cabinet secretary, said.
    He said the government took the decision to help conserve these species and to provide protection to them.

    Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who also heads the state wildlife board, had proposed to notify the house sparrow as the state bird after expressing concern over its dwindling numbers earlier this year.
    Bihar celebrates March 20 as "sparrow day" every year.

    According to bird expert Arvind Mishra, fast urbanisation and the installation of large numbers of mobile towers was a major factor for the dwindling population of the sparrow in the state.


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