Delhi-National Capital Territory-New Delhi-Map-Population-Tourism-Culture-Economy etc

Delhi - National Capital Territory of New Delhi

Delhi national emblem-national capital teritory
Capital: Delhi

Area: 1,483 sq km

Date of Formation: December 1991

Neighboring States: Haryana, UP.

Population: 16,753, 235 Males: 8,976, 410, Females: 7,776,825 Sex-ratio: 866, Density: 11,297, Decadal growth: 20.96%, Literacy: 12,763,352 (total 86.34%, male 91.03%, female 80.93%):

No of Districts: 11 (declared but not published)
North: 883418, North East: 2700000, North West: 3651261, East: 1707725, West: 2531583, South: 2733752, South West: 2292363, Central: 578671, New Delhi- 133713,
Villages: 158, Towns: 62

Legislative Bodies: Legislature Unicameral: Assembly Seats: 70, Parliament: Lok Sabha Seats: 7 (6+1+0), Rajya Sabha Seats.3

Main Political Parties: INC, BJP, NCP, JD Secular.

Chief Languages: Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and English.

Major Religions: Hindusim, lslam, Sikhism, Christianity, Jainism.

Main Towns: New Delhi, Delhi, Cantt Palam, Mehrauli, Shadara, Alipur, Badaali, Nazafgarh, Narela.

Geography: Rivers: Yamuna.

(a) Industries: electronics, light engineering machines, automobile parts, sport, goods, bicycles, medicines, Foot- wears textiles, fertilizer, hosiery, leather goods, PVC Goods, software, etc
(b)Agricultural Products: wheat, bajra jowar, gram, maize Now fruit crops, vegetables, floriculture, dairy and poultry farming are more common.

Transport & Communications: 
(a) Road Length: Inter-State terminuses: Kasmere Gate, Sarai Kalen and Anand Vihar
(b) Railways Delhi Metro Service is very important connecting important places within the city
(c) Main Railway Stations: Delhi Jn, New Delhi, Hazrat Nizamuddin
(d) Airports: India Gandhi international Airport, Domestic fight-Palam and for training Safdajung.

National Museum: Nehru Memorial Museum, Craft Museum, National Museum of Natural History, National Museum of Modern Art, Central Cottage Industries Emporium (Janpath), States Emporia (Baba kharak Singh Marg), Dili Haat-handicrafts.

(a) Festivals: Roshnara festival Shalimar festival, Qutab festival, Winter Carnival Garden Tourism & Mango festival Beside international industrial Exhibitions, etc.
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