State of Meghalaya-Map-Capital-Population-Culture-Tourism etc,

State of Meghalaya-Map-Capital-Population-Culture-Tourism etc,

State of Meghalaya

Capital: Shillong

Area: 22,429 sq km

Date of Formation: 2 April 1970 State within Asom: 21 April 197 State Within Asom: 21 Jan 1972 Separate state

Neighboring States: Asom. Country: Bangladesh.

Population: 2,964,007, Males: 1,492,668, Females: 1,471,339, Sex-ratio: 986, Density: 132, Decadal growth: 27.82%, Literacy: 1,817,761 (total 75.48%, male 77.17%, female 73.78%).

No of Districts: 7, Villages: 5,782, Towns:16

Legislative Bodie: State Legislature-Unicameral: Assembly Seats: 60, Parliament: Lok Sbaha Seats: 2 (0+0+2), Rajya Sabha Seats:1

Main Political Parties: BJP, NCP, United Democratic Party Meghalaya Democratic Party, INC, Hills State People’s Democratic Party, Khun, Hyneutrip National Awakening Movements.

Seat of High Court: Guwahati. A High Court Bench is located at Shillong.

Chief Languages: Garo, Khasi, and English

Major Religions: Hinduism and Christianiity.

Main Towns: Shillong, Jowai, Williamnagar, Nongpoh Nongstoin, Tura, Baghmara, Mawphlang.

(a) Rivers: Simandg, Manda, Darming, Ringge, Gamol,Bugi, (Khri, Krishnai,Kapili, Sareawari, Bhogai)
(b) Mountains: Garo Hills, Khasi Hills, Jaintia Hills: Nokrek Peak.

(a) Minerals: Sillimanite, Coal, limestone, dolomite, fireclay, feldspar, quartz, glass sand, sandstone
(b) Industries: Cement: lron and Steel and cottage industries, There is a public sector cement factory at Cherrapunjee. Meghalaya’s hydro-electric and thermal power potential has been estimated at about 2500 and 1000 megawatts respectively
(c) Agricultural Products: Rice and Maize are major food crops. Potato, tezpata, sugarcane, oilseeds, cotton, jute, mesta, arecanut besides fruits like pineapple, orange, and bananas are the important products: ‘Khasi Mandarin’ oranges are famous, Area under forest is 950,000 hectares.

Transport & Communications: 
(a) Road Length: 7,860 km of both surfaced and unsurfaced roads
(b) Railway: None: (c) Airports: Umroi: 35km from Shillong

(a) Dances: Nongkrem at Smit village: Laho (Jaintias) 
(b) Fastivals: Shad Suk Mynsiem-April 2nd week (khasis): Wangala Oct-Nov (Garos): Behdiengkhlam at Jowai-July (Jaintias).
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