List of Shatabdi Express, Rajdhani Express, Superfast Express Trains

List of Shatabdi Express, Rajdhani Express, Superfast Express Trains

Shatabdi Express 

Shatabdi Expresses are fully Air Conditioned, superfast trains running between following stations. 

Chennai Central - Coimbatore. 
Chennai Central - Mysore. 
Howrah - Rourkela 
Howrah - Bokaro Steel City 
Mumbai Central - Ahmedabad 
Mumbai Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus - Pune 
New Delhi - Ajmer 
New Delhi - Amritsar 
New Delhi - Bhopal 
New Delhi - Chandigarh 
New Delhi - Dehradun 
New Delhi -Kalka 
New Delhi - Lucknow 

Rajdhani Express 

Rajdhani Expresses are prestigious superfast trains connecting most of the State Capitals with the National Capital. These trains run between the following stations. 

New Delhi - Ahmedabad 
NewDelhi - Dibrugarh (Link Rajdhani Express) 
New Delhi - Guwahati 
New Delhi - Howrah via Gaya 
New Delhi - Howrah via Patna 
New Delhi - Howrah - Bhubaneswar 
New Delhi - Jammu Tawi 
New Delhi - Mumbai Centra 
Hazrat Nizamuddin - Chennai 
Hazrat Nizamuddin - Madgaon - Trivandrum 
Hazrat Nizamuddin - Mumbai Central (August Kranti Express) 
Hazrat Nizamuddin - Secunderabad 
Hazrat Nizamuddin - Secunderabad - Bangalore 

Superfast Trains 

Many pairs of superfast trains are operated by the Indian Railway to ensure. speedy transport. Some of these superfast trains running between following stations are listed below. 

Ahmedabad - New Delhi - Jammu Tawi (Sarvodaya Express) 
Ahmedabad - Delhi Ashram Express 
Amritsar - Nanded Express 
Bangalore - Hubli Inter City Express 
Bikaner - Jaipur Express 
Bhubaneswar - Howrah Dhauli Express 
Chennai - Bangalore Lal Bagh Express 
Chennai - Bangalore Brindavan Express 
Chennai - Coimbatore Kovai Express 
Chennai - Coimbatore - Bangalore Cheran Express 
Chennai - Hyderabad Charminar Express 
Coimbatore - Bangalore Inter City Express 
Delhi - Jaipur Express 
Delhi - Jammu Tawi Pooja Express 
Hazrat Nizamuddin - Bilaaspur Gondwana Express 
Hazrat Nizamuddin - Gwalior Taj Express . 
Hazrat Nizamuddin - Jabalpur Gondwana Express 
Hazrat Nizamuddin - Mangalore Express 
Hazrat Nizamuddin - Vasco Goa Express 
Howrah - Chennai Coramandal Express 
Howrah - Delhi - Kalka Kalka Mail 
Howrah - Jodhpur Express 
Howrah - Merta Road - Bikaner Link Express 
Howrah - Mumbai CST Geetanjali Express 
Indore - Bandera Avantika Express 
Jaipur - Jodhpur Express 
Jammu Tawi - Mumbai Central Swaraj Express 
Jamnagar - New Delhi - Jammu Tawi Express 
Jodhpur - Delhi Mandsor Express 
Lucknow - Mumbai CST Pushpak Express 
Lucknow - New Delhi Gomti Express 
Mumbai- Ahmedabad Gujarat Mail 
Mumbai - Ahmedabad Karnavati Express 
Mumbai - Amritsar Golden Temple Mail 
Mumbai - Amritsar Paschim Express 
Mumbai - Jaipur Express 
Mumbai - Vadodara Express 
Mumbai CST - Firozepur Punjab Mail 
Nagpur - Hazrat Nizamuddin Gondwana Express 
New Delhi - Allahabad Prayagraj Express 
New Delhi - Amritsar Shan-e-Punjab Express 
New Delhi - Barauni Vaishali Express 
New Delhi - Bangalore Karnataka Express 
New Delhi - Chennai Grand Trunk Express 
New Delhi - Chennai Tamil Nadu Express 
New Delhi - Howrah Poorva Express via Gaya 
New Delhi - Howrah Poorva Express via Patna 
New Delhi - Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh Express 
New Delhi - Patna Magadh Express 
New Delhi - Patna Shramjeevi Express 
New Delhi - Puri Express 
New Delhi - Puri Purshottam Express 
New Delhi - Thrivandrum Kerala Express 
Pune - Mumbai Deccan Queen Express 
Rajkot - Jammu Tawi Express 
Secunderabad - Howrah Falaknuma Express 
Secunderabad - Vijayawada Satavahana Express 
Vijayawada - Chennai Pinakini Express 

Some Important Trains 

Some of the Long Distance trains running between following stations are listed below. 

Amritsar - Howrah Mail 
Bangalore ~ Mumbai CST Udayan Express 
Barauni - Amritsar Express 
Bhubaneswar - Mumbai CST Konark Express 
Chennai - Ahmedabad Navajeevan Express 
Chennai - Bangalore Express 
Chennai - Howrah Mail . 
Chennai - Mumbai Mail 
Chennai - Mumbai Dadar Express 
Chennai - Thiruvananthapuram Mail 
Chennai Egmore - Karaikudi Kamban Express 
Chennai Egmore - Madurai Pandyan Express 
Chennai Egmore - Trichy Rock fort Express 
Chennai Egmore - Trichy Cholzhan Express 
Chennai Egmore - Tirunelveli Nellai Express 
Chennai Egmore - Tuticorin Pearl City Express 
Cochin - Chennai Egmore - Howrah Express 
Delhi - Dibrugarh Brahmaputra Express 
Delhi - Guwahati Avadh Assam Express 
Delhi - Hatia Swarnajayanti Express 
Guwahati - Mumbai Dadar Express 
Guwahati - New Delhi North East Express 
Howrah - Jammu Tawi Himagiri Expres 
Howrah - Mumbai CST Mail 
Jammu Tawi - Pune Jhelum Express 
Kalka - New Delhi Lucknow Mail 
Mumbai Central - Amritsar Frontier MaiI 
Mysore - Hazrat Nizamuddin Swarnajayanti Express 
Varanasi - Chennai Ganga Cauveri Express 
Vishakapatnam - Hyderabad Godavari Express 
Visakhapatnma - Hazrat Nizamuddin Swarnajayanti Express

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