International Current Events - July 2014

Calendar of World Current Events – July 2014

1. Israel vows to hunt down the Hamas militants it holds responsible for killing three Israeli teenagers. 

2. Killing of a Palestine teenager, a revenge act for the murder of three Israeli youths, triggers clashes in Jerusalem.

4. Andy Coulson, editor of News of the World and one time top aide of British Prime Minister David Cameron, jailed for 16 months for phone hacking.

7. Israeli air strikes kill 7 Hamas militants in the Gaza strip; Former World Bank economist Ashraf Ghani wins Afghanistan presidential election with 56.4 per cent of the run-off vote; 63 of the Nigerian women and girls abducted by Boka Haram jihadists two weeks ago escape.

8. Taliban suicide bomber kills 10 civilians and 4 NATO soldiers in eastern Afghanistan. 

9. US presses China on festering rows and human rights violations.

10. Iraq informs UN that insurgents have seized nuclear materials used for scientific research, appeals for help to stave off terror threat. 

11. US offers to broker a truce as Israeli's bombardment of Gaza claims 100th Palestinian life and Hamas pounds central Israel with rockets.

12. Israel, Hamas brush off truce calls as air strikes pound Gaza for a fifth day.

13. Germany wins FIFA World Cup for the 4th time beating Argentina in the final 1-0.

14. Church of England votes to allow women to enter its top ranks as bishops; South African Nobel Prizewinning writer and anti-aparthied activist Nadine G0rdimer dies, aged 90.

16. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad sworn in for a new 7-year term, takes swipe at West for backing rebels.

17. A Malaysian airliner shot down over eastern Ukraine by pro-Russian militants killing all 295 aboard. 

18. Bolivia becomes the first country to legalise child labour after 10 years. 

19. A wide-ranging debate in the House of Lords on a draft law for assisted dying ends with no consensus. 

21. Israeli shells hit a hospital in Gaza Strip, Palestinian death toll is 530.

23. The battle for energy resources in South China Sea and Indian Ocean is persuading India and China to develop their naval arsenals. 

24. Iraq elects Kurdish politician Fuad Masum as its new President; Iraq Jihadists order genital mutilation of all women; Algerian plane with 110 on board crashes en route from Burkina Faso to Algeria. 

26. Palestinian death toll in the Gaza conflict rises to 1000; Sunny militant group ISIS blows up a Shia shrine in the city of Mosul. 

29. US President Obama says in a letter to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin that Russia violated a 1987 arms control treaty when it launched a cruise missile. 

30. The last surviving crewman of Ebola Gay, the US plane that dropped the first atomic bomb on Japan - Theodore van Kirk - dies at 93. 

31. Sierra Leone President Ernest Bai Korma declares public health emergency as ebola virus claims 700 deaths.

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