General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers - Part 6

General Knowledge Quiz - 6

1. Quiz: In which field of knowledge do people speak of the "butterfly effect"?
Chaos theory

2. Quiz: Who is the founder of the Samkhya school of Vedic philosophy?

3. Quiz: What is the name of the snake charmer's flute?
Magudi in South India and Punji in the North

4. Quiz: Who is believed to have invented the sitar and the dholak?
Amir Khusro (1253-1325)

5. Quiz: What was called" Jesuit ware"?
Porcelain exported from China in the 18th century. They were decorated with subject matter suggested by Jesuit missionaries.

6. Quiz: What was the US government's Strategic Defence Initiative better known as?
Star Wars

7. Quiz: The drug called Prozac has revolutionised treatment of a disease. State the name of disease?

8. Quiz: Of what did Gandhi say, "One of the few useful things ever invented"?
The sewing machine

9. Quiz: Which city, founded by Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah was originally called Bhagnagar?

10. Quiz: Why was Freetown, capital of Sierra Leone, called as Freetown?
It is a town founded by and for slaves freed from America after the American War of Independence.

11. Quiz: Why is 28th day of February celebrated as National Science Day?
It was on February 28th, 1928 that C V Raman announced his discovery of new radiation - subsequently named the Raman Effect - that won him the Noble Prize.

12. Quiz: Which seminal work on economics has the subtitle A Critique of Political Economy as part of its English translation when first published in 1886?
Das Kapital

13. Quiz: From which city did Kublai Khan move his capital to Peking or Khanbaliq as it was called then?

14. Quiz: Name the ancient fortress city on the Incas in the Andes Mountains of Peru, unknown to the Spanish, and rediscovered in the early 20th century.
Machu Picchu

15. Quiz: What, in maritime law, is the meaning of the term 'high seas'?
All parts of the mass of saltwater surrounding the globe that are not part of the territorial sea or internal waters of a country.

16. Quiz: Who was the first head of the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation?
B R Sen

17. Quiz: What do we know 'The War Song of the Rhine Army' sung by 500 volunteers marching to Paris in 1792 as?
'La Marseillaise' or the French national anthem.

18. Quiz: What is recorded using Labanotaion?
Dance movement or human movement.

19. Quiz: Who would you find on either side of a Green Line in Cyprus?
Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots

20. Quiz: Name the largest islands in Europe, Asia and Africa.
Great Britain, Borneo and Madagaskar

21. Quiz: In the USA what does the First Amendment guarantee?
Free speech

22. Quiz: What does the second Amendment guarantee for USA citizens?
The Right to bear arms.

23. Quiz: Of which Nobel prize winner did Francis Crick say that he was a genius who had a "boldness in theory making - boldness as an aspect of rigour"?
Linus Pauling

24. Quiz: What did Alfred Binet create? 
The IQ test.

25. Quiz: What is the four-colour conjecture?
If a plane is divided into regions (countires) then it is possible to colour them with at most four colours so that no two countries with a common frontier have the same colours.

26. Quiz: What did Guido of Arozzo invent?
The staff or stave used in the notation of Western music

27. Quiz: Who founded the Indian Institute of Science at Bengaluru?
The Tatas

28. Quiz: Leonardo Fibonacci is regarded as the most distinguished mathematician of the Middle Ages. What is regarded as his most important contribution to European mathematics?
The intro of the Hindu-Arabic numerals into mathematics

29. Quiz: Who designates a world heritage site?
The World Heritage Convention founded by the General Conference of UNESCO in 1972.

30. Quiz: After whom is Friday named?
Frigg, Norse goddess of married love

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