General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers - Part 5

General Knowledge Quiz - 5

1. Quiz: What is a momentary breakdown in the defensive position of a person, which results in his/her unintentionally expressing his/her real thoughts and feelings called?
A Freudian slip

2. Quiz: Which famous feminist dismissed Freud's notion of penis envy by stating that it was a ridiculous idea because the male organ was just" a pissing tube modified to pass seed"?
Germaine Greer

3. Quiz: Who formulated the expanding universe theory?
Edwin Hubble

4. Quiz: What is Socratic irony?
Feigning ignorance as a strategy in an intellectual discussion. (This is the attitude adopted by Socrates in Plato's Dialogues.)

5. Quiz: Which Sikh festival commemorates the founding of the Khalsa brotherhood?

6. Quiz: Of which river is the Kama river the largest tributary?
The Volga

7. Quiz: Name the most northerly and the most southerly of European capitals.
Reykjavik and Nicosia

8. Quiz: In chess how many opening moves are possible by each player?

9. Quiz: What did Freud call the moral factor that governs the normal adult conscious mind?

10. Quiz: Who is Althanasius Nikitin?
A Russian traveller who visited India between 1470 and 1474 CE

11. Quiz: What is special about a volcanic mountain called Chimborazo in Ecuador?
It was believed to be the highest mountain in the world before Mt Everest was measured.

12. Quiz: Where are the Southern Alps?
In New Zealand

13. Quiz: What does the Basel Convention ban?
The export of hazardous waste to poor countries.

14. Quiz: Where do the rivers Mekong, Basak and Sab meet?
Phnom Penh

15. Quiz: Why the bloodhound is called a bloodhound?
Because it is the first breed of which blood, or breeding records were kept

16. Quiz: Which river gives Switzerland an outlet to the sea?

17. Quiz: Which independent state was established in 1929 by the Lateran Treaty?
Vatican City

18. Quiz: What was the US plan for the economic rebuilding of Europe at the end of WW II called?
The Marshall Plan

19. Quiz: What is the Mosque of Ahmed in Istanbul better known as?
The Blue Mosque

20. Quiz: State the difference between the U.K (United Kingdom) and Great Britain?
Great Britain is the island including England, Scotland and Wales. United Kingdom is Great Britain plus Northern Ireland.

21. Quiz: Name the American president after whom an African capital was named?
James Monroe after whom Monrovia, capital of Liberia was named.

22. Quiz: For what should John Tradescant, Elias Ashmole and the Oxford University be remembered?
For establishing the first public museum in the world.

23. Quiz: On the banks of which river is the city of Kabul situated?

24. Quiz: What, described as "the eight wonder of the Globe,"?
The Suez Canal, which is introduced in the year of 1869

25. Quiz: What is an EIA?
Environmental Impact Assessment. (Development projects in India need, according to the Planning Commission, to get an EIA clearance.)

26. Quiz: What is 'nacre'?
The substance secreted by an oyster to cover a foreign body inside it Later this becomes a pearl.

27. Quiz: Where is the Malaca strait?
Between Malaysia and Sumatra

28. Quiz: Which is the westernmost of the five rivers of Punjab?

29. Quiz: Where in South India would you find a natural feature called The White Lady or La Dame Blanche?
It is one of the four cascades of the Jog Falls

30. Quiz: Give the full form of ISBN.
International Standard Book Number

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