General Knowledge Quiz Questions - Science Quiz - Part 3

General Knowledge Questions - Science Quiz - 3

1. Quiz: The opposite of apogee

2. Quiz: Parts of constellations are known as 

3. Quiz: Humans first set foot on the Moon on 20-7 -1969 from NASA's
Apollo 11

4. Quiz: Which organ is called 'the laboratory of the human body'?
The liver 

5. Quiz: Who well-knowingly defined intelligence thus: "Intelligence is what intelligence tests measure"?
H J Eysenck

6. Quiz: What are Geiger counters used for?
To detect and measure radioactivity and cosmic rays

7. Quiz: What is the common name of what zoologists call Rana temporaria?
The common frog

8. Quiz: For what is Igor Sikorsky famous?
Designing some of the earliest helicopters.

9. Quiz: What is the name of usually microscopic plants and animals floating and swimming on the surface waters of the sea called?

10 .Quiz: What is the measurement at remote distances by means of a radio-link from the object to the ground called?

11. Quiz: The American geologist F B Taylor and the Austrian meteorologist Alfred Wegener are known for a theory. Which theory?
The theory of continental drift

12. Quiz: Name the British surgeon who pioneered the use of chemicals for the prevention of surgical infection.
Joseph Lister

13. Quiz: What is called sunshine vitamin?
Vitamin D

14. Quiz: The great discovery of 1930. Answer begins with 'P'

15. Quiz: If a child has Atrial Septal Defect (A.S.D), it has a ---- heart.
hole in the

16. Quiz: What is a 'cloud chamber'?
A device used to study nuclear reactions and elementary particles

17. Quiz: To what class do these belong: Common Mormon, Plain Tiger, Blue Pansy, Autumn Leaf, Common Jezebel. Blue Tiger and Tailed Jay?

18. Quiz: Name the man associated with the conditioned reflex.
Ivan Pavlov

19. Quiz: A definitive (pest / host / guest / living thing) is the organism in which a parasite lives in the adult stage

20. Quiz: A phenomenon when the Moon is closer to the Earth than it will be any other time of the year.
a lunar perigee

21. Quiz: How many men and women began a two-year stay inside a sealed-off structure known as Biosphere 2 in Oracle, Arizona in 1991?
Four men and four women

22. Quiz: What was first successfully demonstrated in 1934 by Germany's Rudolf Kuhnold?

23. Quiz: The first German in Space 
Sigmund Jahn

24. Quiz: How many hours does it take for a housefly's egg to hatch?
24 hours

25. Quiz: What are different species of an element called?

26. Quiz: Name of the scientific study of fossils?

27. Quiz: Which cereal (wheat, rice, or maize) provided the base for the Greek and Roman civilizations?

28. Quiz: Chewing gum is serived from the latex of the chicle or .... tree: jackfruit / avocado / sapodilla)

29. Quiz: The standard intelligible outdoor range of the male human voice in still air
590 ft

30. Quiz: Earth's radius
6378 km

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