General knowledge Quiz Questions - Science Quiz - Part 2

General Knowledge Questions - Science Quiz - 2

1. Quiz: What is HyAlfa'?
A vehicle which was world's 1st hydrogen-powered three wheeler

2. Quiz:  The world photography icon that invented the hand-held camera
Eastman Kodak

3. Quiz: What are the inferior planets?
Those whose orbits are smaller than Earth's ie; Mercury and Venus.

4. Quiz: What is the fourth dimension?

5. Quiz: If in a molecule of water one or both the normal hydrogen atoms is replaced by deuterium what does one get?
A 'heavy water'.

6. Quiz:  Incontinence refers to loss of --------
bladder control

7. Quiz:  Inventor of cat flaps
Isaac Newton

8. Quiz: What is the word meaning 'the search for animals whose existence has not been proved'?

9. Quiz: Which organ beats 35 mn times a year?
The human heart

10. Quiz: Calories in water

11. Quiz: What is cryonics?
The storage of dead bodies in liquid nitrogen in the hope that they can be revived one day.

12. Quiz: What is calcium sulphate better known as?

13. Quiz: Decibel is a unit for measuring how loud (a bell / the sound)
The sound

14. Quiz: India accounts for ----% of the world's 2 mn. TB cases

15. Quiz: Hair grows ----- cm in two months

16.Quiz: The heaviest living species of lizard
Komodo dragon

17. Quiz: Clowder is a group of

18. Quiz: What is anosmia?
Whole or partial loss of the sense of smell.

19. Quiz: Who performed the world's 1st successful heart transplant?
Dr. Christian Barnard

20. Quiz: What is the term for the radioactive fragments and isotopes that fall to Earth from the atmosphere after a nuclear explosion?

21. Quiz: What is the full form of 'laser'?
Light amplificati0n by stimulated emission of radiation.

22. Quiz: What did Jethro Tull (1674-1741) invent?
A drill for sowing seed

23. Quiz: Paul Broca was a pioneering French surgeon, neurologist and anthropologist. Name the 20th century scientist who wrote a book titled ‘’Broca's Brain’’.
Carl Sagan

24. Quiz: Which thinker-writer spoke of 'charisma' and 'the Protestant work ethic' as important in history?
Max Weber

25. Quiz: What is 'homeostasis'?
The tendency in mammals to maintain constant composition of the blood in spite of changes in surroundings

26. Quiz: The 1st Indian woman to head a missile project
Dr. Tessy Thomas

27. Quiz: This is almost entirely made of tiny shells: raindrops / dew / graphite / chalk

28. Quiz: The man-like creature whose fossils were discovered on the island of Java by Dutch physician Eugene Dubois in 1892 was called
Java Man

29. Quiz: What is the Komodo dragon?
The largest extant lizard species in the world; found on Komodo Island in Indonesia.

30. Quiz: Name the astronomer who discovered that Earth and the planets travel about the Sun in elliptical orbits.
Johannes Kepler

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