General Knowledge Quiz Questions - Science Quiz - Part 10


General Knowledge Questions - Science Quiz -10
1. Quiz: Which mineral is next to diamonds in hardness?

2. Quiz: Name the mineral used to produce artificial diamonds.

3. Quiz: What are these - up, down, strange, charm, bottom and top?
Names of quarks

4. Quiz: Name the American Nobel prize winner whose car registration plate read 'QUARKS'?
Murray GellMann

5. Quiz: Why is the Archer Fish called the Archer Fish?
It refers to its ability to shoot a jet of water at an insect above the water, drenching it and causing it to fall into the water; its aim is so quick and good it is called the Archer Fish

6. Quiz: Which are the only snakes in the world that build nests?
The King Cobra

7. Quiz: Name the area of the brain that controls articulate speech.
Broca's area

8. Quiz: Pangea is the name given to the supercontinent said to have existed about 240 million years ago. What is the single super ocean called?

9. Quiz: What does the Mohs scale measure? 

10. Quiz: Where would you find the Sea of Humours, Sea of Geniuses, Sea of Clouds, Sea of Waves and Sea of Vapours?
On the lunar surface

11. Quiz: What d0es the Modified Mercalli scale measure?
The intensity of earthquakes

12. Quiz: Which mammal has the longest length of pregnancy?
The African elephant

13. Quiz: For what discovery did Dr Stanley Prusiner win the Nobel Prize for medicine?

14. Quiz: What is common to Teflon, vulcanised rubber, X-rays, Radar and Penicillin?
All were discovered by accident.

15. Quiz: Vasco da Gama lost about 60 sailors on his voyage to India and back. To which disease did he lose them?

16. Quiz: Which is the biggest satellite in the solar system?
Ganymede, satellite of Jupiter

17. Quiz: Two groups of apes from the Miocene Age are named after Indian gods. Which are they?
Ramapithecus and Sivapithecus.

18. Quiz: Where would you find these patterns loop, whorl, arch and accidental?

19. Quiz: The word vaccination is derived from the Latin 'vacca' which is the word for an animal. Which animal?
The cow. (The folk remedy of injecting people with cowpox germs to prevent them from catching smallpox intrigued Edward Jenner, wh0 came up with the smallpox vaccine.)

20. Quiz: A book by Carl Sagan is titled Pale Blue Dot. What is the pale blue dot?
The Earth

21. Quiz: The name of an artificial silk was coined using a word meaning a beam of sun or moonlight. Which word?

22. Quiz: Forwhatshould Edward Lorenz, a MIT meteorologist be famous?
For his discovery of "the butterfly effect" 

23. Quiz: Which Britisher was in 19th century India nicknamed "Kampasswallah" by Indians?
Sri George Everest

24. Quiz: What is known in medical history as 606?
Salvarsan; a chemical compound that came to be called the magic bullet.

25. Quiz: Of what is the American architect Louis Sullivan regarded as the father?
The skyscraper

26. Quiz: Scientists are searching for 'Luca'. Who/what is Luca?
Last Common Universal Ancestor

27. Quiz: What are conventional bombs spiced with radioactive material called?
Dirty bombs

28. Quiz: A swathe of Europe received a shower of radioactivity in April 1986. In what way?
Result of an accident at Chernobyl nuclear power station.

29. Quiz: What is the Red Data list?
List of endangered species of plants and animals.

30. Quiz: Researchers have found that infant primates are born with three in-born fears. What are they?
Fear of falling, snakes and the dark. 

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