General Knowledge Quiz Questions - Science Quiz - Part 9


General Knowledge Questions - Science Quiz -9

1. Quiz: A well-known contemporary Indian physicist is a proponent of the Steady State Theory about the origin of the universe. Name him.
Jayant V Narlikar

2. Quiz: Why was a Presidential dinner with the three astronauts on the Apollo 11 the night before the launch cancelled?
For fear that the astronauts would catch an infection

3. Quiz: India's first successfully launched Moon mission
Chandrayaan I

4. Quiz: Chang and Eng Bunker gave birth to a medical term
Siamese Twins

5. Quiz: What do these plants have in common - Sundew, Butterwort, Venus Flytrap, Water Flytrap, Pitcher Plant and Bladderwort?
These are various insectivorous plants to be found in India.

6. Quiz: The patent for a substance developed by the US chemist Julian Hill was held by the company he worked for. Though developed in the 1930s the substance was only used for military purposes till after WWII. Name the substance.

7. Quiz: What is the most common form of iodine deficiency?

8. Quiz:
What is hypersomnia?
Condition of being subject to attacks of prolonged sleep

9. Quiz: What do palaeontologists mean when they say 'bipedalism preceded encephalization'?
That our ancestors walked on two legs before they evolved their brains

10. Quiz: Which area of engineering has been called "the midwife of technological development"?
Systems engineering

11. Quiz: The Cretaceous Age ended 65 million years ago. Why is this date considered important?
A mass extinction of life forms took place at this time; dinosaurs were wiped out

12. Quiz: What landmark in science and technology did India achieve on 21 November 1963?
The launch of the first rocket from TERLS or Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Centre.

13. Quiz: Who is the author of The Private Life of Plants?
David Attenborough

14. Quiz: What is divided into four types - Hawaiian, Strombolian, Pelean and Vulcanian?
Volcanic eruptions

15. Quiz: What in science is BEC?
Bose-Einstein Condensate

16. Quiz: What is observing the sun by examining its image as it falls on white card held near the eye piece of a telescope called?
Projection. (The only safe way of observing the sun.)

17. Quiz: What is the name of outermost layer of the sun's atmosphere?

18. Quiz: Odd-odd nucleus contains an odd number of both
Protons and neutrons

19. Quiz: Fathom is how many feet? 

20. Quiz: Nadir is the highest / lowest point 

21. Quiz: Hartree relates to a. an African tree b. a fish c. atomic unit of energy d. a hairdye

22. Quiz: What did Edwin H. Land invent?
The Polaroid Land Camera

23. Quiz: The Italian scientist Volta announced his first ----- battery in 1800.

24. Quiz: A code in communication was named after (Davy / Morse)

25. Quiz: The name 'rubber' had its origin in the fact that the new substance could be used as an ---- to rub out pencil marks.

26. Quiz: What does an auxanometer do? 
Measures growth of plants

27. Quiz: Bing Sherry is named by an orchdist, who was his ------ foreman.

28. Quiz: Scorpions have 8 legs. What about spiders?

29. Quiz: Scientific truth cannot be absolutely confirmed, said British philosopher Popper who proposed his theory in The Logic of Scientific Discovery (1934) 

30. Quiz: The world's largest sea turtle species 
Leatherback turtles

31. Quiz: Existence of what was anounced by Joseph John Thomson in 1897? 

32. Quiz: Myology is the study of 

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