General Knowledge Quiz Questions - Science Quiz - Part 4

General Knowledge Questions - Science Quiz - 4

1. Quiz: Mercury is too closer to the Sun but Venus is hotter because Mercury has no

2. Quiz: The Moon is less than Imore than one third the size of Earth
less than

3. Quiz: Name the Mars Exploration Rovers that landed in Mars in 2004
Spirit & Opportunity

4. Quiz: Jupiter has no solid surface: Is it true?

5. Quiz: Saturn's largest Moon 

6. Quiz: Expand MSK System
Metre Kilogram-second system

7. Quiz: Candela is the unit of luminance, ...... the unit of resistance

8. Quiz: Roman number LXXX is ------ in Arabic number

9. Quiz: What is the meaning of the word 'sputnik' 
fellow traveller

10. Quiz: 'Luna' is ------ for Moon

11. Quiz: Vostok is Russian for ------ and Soyuz for -----.
East, Union

12. Quiz: Who launched Chandra X-ray observatory in 1999: Russia / USA / India

13. Quiz: The 1st privately funded human space flight
Space Ship One

14. Quiz: What were in the balloon sent aloft in 1783 by the Montgolfiers?
a rooster, a duck & a sheep

15. Quiz: The 1st chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission
Dr. Homi Jehangir Bhabha

16. Quiz: In Physics what is GUT? 
Grand Unified Theory

17. Quiz: What is a parsec?
A unit of distance in astronomy. 1 parsec = 3.26 light years

18. Quiz: How many eyes do most spiders have? 

19. Quiz: What does the insect species Bombyxmori produce?

20. Quiz: What is tidal air?
The amount of air inhaled and exhaled when a person is at rest and breathing quietly

21. Quiz: What is 'Guano'?
Excrement of sea birds often used as a fertilizing agent

22. Quiz: What is the length of a sun spot cycle? 
11 years

23. Quiz: Which body has the following arms the Perseus Arm, the Orion Arm, Sagittarius Arm and one called The Expanding Cloud?
The Milky Way (The Earth is in the Orion Arm, one of the spirals of the galaxy.)

24. Quiz: In quantum mechanics they speak of the Bose-Einstein statistics. Who is this Bose?
Satyendra Nath Bose, mathematician and physicist

25. Quiz: The limiting mass of the helium core believed to exist in some stars, above which the core cannot resist ultimate gravitational collapse is called the ------ limit
Chandrasekhar limit

26. Quiz: Name the three most common constituent elements of cells.
Hydrogen, oxygen and carbon
27. Quiz: Which disease was also known as Variola?
Small pox

28. Quiz: What is the process of separating a metal from its ore by heating called?

29. Quiz: In the aircraft industry what is STOL?
Short Take Off and Landing

30. Quiz: What in Biology is stratification?
Natural vertical layering of habitats in an environment (so floor communities and tree top communities are distinct)

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