General Knowledge Quiz Questions - Science Quiz - Part 5

General Knowledge Questions - Science Quiz - 5

1. Quiz: "The Italian Navigator Has Landed ln The New W0rld" What piece of information did this coded message convey?
It announced the first successful nuclear fission experiment, supervised by Enrico Fermi at the University of Chicago on December 22, 1942.

2. Quiz: In the periodic table what are those elements with atomic numbers greater than 92 called?
Trans uranium  elements. (All elements are radioactive)

3. Quiz: The unique instrument was invented by J.C. Bose, which could record the subtlest changes inside a plant
Resonate Recorder

4. Quiz: Which Indian scientist known for 'Boson' 
Satyendra Nath Bose

5. Quiz: Paul Ehrlich's treatment of syphilis with mercury is said to be the first instance of a type of therapy. Which one?

6. Quiz: Of all known comets Halley's Comet is unique in that it has a property no other known comet has. What is it?
It is the only comet that moves in a retrograde orbit

7. Quiz: Piltdown man did not fit into the evolutionary sequence scientist had built up over the many years. Why not?
Because it was a fraud.

8. Quiz: What is a dendoqrarn?
A diagram showing interrelations of a group of organisms connected by a common ancestor

9. Quiz: What is ocular dominance?
It is the tendency, in vision, to use one eye though the other is not blind

10. Quiz: What are Koch's postulates about?
They are the three postulates which must be fulfilled if evidence of a causal connection between an illness and a bacterial infection is to be accepted.

11. Quiz: What is the study of the movements of the solid earth called?

12. Quiz: Where would a satellite be if it is in a synchronous orbit?
Directly above a fixed point on the equator of earth

13. Quiz: What are the three layers into which the interior of the earth is divided?
That is the crust, the mantle and the core.

14. Quiz: Which metal is the most ductile metal?

15. Quiz: Who put forward the idea of the communications satellite?
Arthur C Clarke

16. Quiz: The English city that is host to an international piano competition

17. Quiz: India's 1st lift was installed in the year 

18. Quiz: What is a protogalaxy?
A galaxy that is still in the process of forming most of its stars.

19. Quiz: The French engineer Jean-Albert Gregorie held 52 patents. Only one of them gained wide acceptance. Which is the one?
The front wheel drive

20. Quiz: Environment Ministry has banned the use of in dissectional in research institutions. (a. birds b. reptiles c. live animals d. guinea pigs)

21. Quiz: The year Gagarin became the first human in space.

22. Quiz: The world's bad nuclear accident that occurred in 1986
Chernobyl plant, Soviet Union

23. Quiz: The laboratory father of Dolly, world's first cloned adult mammal
Ian Wilmut

24. Quiz: German scientists developed ---- as a weapon in 1916
mustard gas

25. Quiz: The German industrialist known as The Cannon King
Alfred Krupp

26. Quiz: Who discovered the 'Pauli exclusion principle?
Wolfgang Pauli

27. Quiz: Alliott Verdon Roe co-founded AVRO. What is AVRO?
A. V. R0e and Co. Ltd., the aviation company

28. Quiz: How many feet are in a fathom?

29. Quiz: Hugo Award was for what? 
the best science fiction

30. Quiz: How long did Louis Washkansky live with the new heart he received?
18 days

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