General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers - Part 3

General Knowledge Quiz - 3

1. Quiz: What is London's financial centre called?  The city

2. Quiz: What is the top policy-making and administrative organ of the Communist Party calleti?

3. Quiz: Which is the oldest modern university in the world?"
Bologna University, founded in 1088 CE

4. Quiz: In Hindu mythology there are at least four Bharatas. Name the Bharata after whom India was named.
Bharat, the son of Dushyanta and Shakuntala.

5. Quiz: What is the science of working efficiently within one's environment called?

6. Quiz: What is characteristic of tundra climate?
No tree growth, because it is too cold but without perpetual cover of snow and ice

7. Quiz: Which tree yields wood called porcupine wood?
The coconut tree

8. Quiz: A man named Israel Beer Josaphat (1816-1899) founded the world's first news agency What was the agency called?
Reuter. (On conversion to Christianity from Judaism Josaphat adopted the name Paul Julius Reuter.)

9.Quiz: What is the common name of the tree called Santalum album?

10. Quiz: What is the Portuguese man-of-war?
A class of jelly-like invertebrate marine animals.

11. Quiz: Pole of Inaccessibility, what it means?
The point on the Antarctic that is furthest in all directions from the surrounding seas

12. Quiz: What was established by the Americans, the British and the Canadians at Bretton Woods in 1944?
The International Monetary Fund and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

13. Quiz: What is vexillology?
The study of flags

14. Quiz: Which company introduced the Compact Audio Cassette?

15. Quiz: What is Spanish for 'the Gilded One'?

16. Quiz: In Arthurian legend what is King Arthur's sword called?

17. Quiz: What does Adi Granth mean in Punjabi?
The First or Original Book.

18. Quiz: Name the two largest rivers of Europe.
Volga and Danube.

19. Quiz: What is the Plaid Cymru?
English for Party of Wales or the Welsh National Party

20. Quiz: Name the river that flows beside the historic village of Plassey in Bengal. 


21. Quiz: What is the principal subdivision of a military company called?

22.Quiz: Of which river is the Chambal river the chief tributary?

23. Quiz: Name the strait that separates Asiatic Turkey from European Turkey.

24. Quiz: Of which country is Sarawak a province?

25. Quiz: In business what is an enterprise that owns a controlling portion of the stock of other companies but does not actually administer them called?
A holding company

26. Quiz: Who is a 'conscientious objector'?
One who opposes bearing arms or one who objects to any type of military training.

27. Quiz: What is second-order theorizing?
Making theories about theories.

28. Quiz: What is teleology?
The study of ends, goals and purposes

29. Quiz: What is classical IQ?
The mean IQ score of 100. 

30. Quiz: What is autarky?
A national policy of self-sufficiency 

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