General Knowledge Quiz Questions - Science Quiz - Part 8


General Knowledge Questions - Science Quiz -8

1. Quiz: What is "Blue Skies" research?
Research without any immediate application.

2. Quiz: Buzz Aldrin is the second. Who is the first?
Neil Armstrong

3. Quiz: Early submarines used internal combustion engines. The Submarines that surfaced too often to take in air or expel smoke could easily be spotted. How did German U boats solve this problem?
By staying under the surface and using a snorkel to take in air and let out fumes.

4. Quiz: What does the Mitochondrial Eve hypothesis postulate?
That modern humans evolved in Africa around 150,000 years ago (based on evidence from mitochondrial DNA).

5. Quiz: Why is CERN's laboratory commonly referred to as the European Laboratory for Particle Physics? 
CERN's main area of research is particle physics

6. Quiz: These creatures have more than one cell, and their cells have nuclei (fungi /protista / plantae /animalia)

7. Quiz: The first Indian American who lived and worked aboard the International Space Station for 6 months in 2006
Sunita Williams 

8. Quiz: The world's warmest sea 
Red Sea

9. Quiz: The acid used in an automobile battery
Sulphuric acid

10. Quiz: The smallest aperture on a camera

11. Quiz: The fifth largest planet 
the earth

12. Quiz: Give the full form of SETI
Search f0r Extra Terrestrial Intelligence

13. Quiz: The technology to connect and exchange information between mobile phones, computers etc. is named after a 10th century king of Norway and Denmark. Who?
Harald Bluetooth Gormsson

14. Quiz: The first pair of bifocal glasses was created by Benjamin Franklin / Thomas Alva Edison / Joseph Priestly
Benjamin Franklin

15. Quiz: Melting of a chocolate bar in somebody's pocket led to which invention?
Microwave Oven

16. Quiz: The sharpness of a digital image is measured in

17. Quiz: Many astronomers believe that 90% of the universe is made up of "cold, dark matter." Why is it called 'cold' and 'dark'?
It is 'dark' because it is too dark to be seen. It is 'cold' because these exotic elementary particles are said to move slowly compared to the speed of light.

18. Quiz: One of the most important papers of a famous Russian/Soviet scientist was titled Reversal of the Arrow of Time. Name its author.
Andre Sakharov

19. Quiz: What is the circadian rhythm?
A biological rhythm with a 24 h0ur cycle.

20. Quiz: What is Dr Yellapragada Subbrow's claim to fame?
He was the Harvard biochemist who was head of a team of group of researchers who discovered and developed the first tetracycline.

21. Quiz: Aristotle calculated that the distance around the Earth was 400,000 stadia. How did he arrive at this figure?
From the difference in the apparent location of the North Star in Egypt and Greece

22. Quiz: Name the first scientist to be knighted.
Isaac Newton

23. Quiz: What substance did Charles Goodyear find he had to mix with pure rubber to make it fit to be made into tyres and other useful products?

24. Quiz: Of which word is quasar an abbreviation? 

25. Quiz: Which famous magazine did Sri Joseph Norman Lockyer found in 1869?

26. Quiz: What does the sphygm0manometer measure?
Blood pressure

27. Quiz: In which field is the Lilienthal Medal awarded?
Gliding or Soaring, after Otto Lilienthal, the first man to achieve predictable and controlled glider flight.

28. Quiz: Who coined the word 'biodiversity'?
E 0 Wilson, zoologist. 

29. Quiz: The National Physical Research Laboratory is at

30. Quiz: Where is the National Rem0te Sensing Agency - NRSA? 

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